I Love To Celebrate Diwali At Home & Here's Why?
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I Love To Celebrate Diwali At Home & Here’s Why?

Diwali is almost here and I am home already! If you don’t know, well Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh is my home city and I love to celebrate Diwali at home. For me, home is where my family is! And my family i.e my parents live in Kanpur. Though I keep on juggling between Mumbai & Delhi, I always find time to visit my native. And if it’s Diwali, I HAVE to be here.

I Love To Celebrate Diwali At Home & Here's Why?
That’s me – A pic from Diwali 2017

Though there are infinite reasons why I love to be home for Diwali, but here I have tried to list some reasons. These reasons are actually the reasons I give to people who often ask me, why do you always have to go to Kanpur for festivals? So, here you go!

  • I love to celebrate festivals with my family! The joy and celebration automatically multiplies when I’m home.
  • Yummy food made my by mum and bhabhi is another reason! Wow! I love to gobble the Indian cuisines they make during festivals!
  • Visiting my Naniji is another reason why I keep coming back to Kanpur for festivals. She is my super Nani and I love THAT SMILE on her face when she sees me.
  • Gifts! Oh yes! I love to give & receive gifts during Diwali.
  • Fun time with my nephew Yuvi adds on to the joy of this festival. He is my sunshine!
  • Taking a walk at the local bazaar and greeting all the shopkeepers who know me, brings a smile on my face. I have grown up in these galliyas and these people know me. That simple Namaste from a known face while walking on the street is itself a warm feeling, a homely feeling.
  • I can be me when I am with my family and they don’t judge me for my choices. For example, I like watching rockets and anaar (the crackers) and people in Mumbai/Delhi will start judging you for your choices. Here, I can be me and celebrate the festival freely.
  • The Diwali shopping on Dhanteras is my favourite and I just can’t miss it!
  • And the Diwali puja! It’s a divine feeling!
  • And oh! How can I forget decorating the house with Diyas and make Rangoli with the help of my bhabhi.

All in all, it’s simply magical to be home for Diwali. I totally love it. We sit together, eat together, go out for shopping, play cards, meet & greet relatives and simply have a good time. I always wonder how can someone stay alone and work, when it’s Diwali?

I am totally grateful for my life and work that gives me freedom to be wherever and whenever I want! It’s no less than a dream life. Touchwood!

And oh, by the way HAPPY DIWALI 🙂 Hope you have a great one!

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