When My Cousin Signed Up On EliteMatrimony.com -My Review and Feedback

When My Cousin Signed Up On EliteMatrimony.com -My Review and Feedback

Yes, yes that matrimonial service for which actor Madhavan appears on TV.

My cousin Radhika felt it’s difficult to find a match that’d fit her. Her mom (my aunt) tried everything to get her interested in tying the knot -taking her to weddings, asking elders to speak to her, pointing to friends who got married… but nothing worked.

Radhika was busy running her own salon and already didn’t seem to find enough time to do bungee jumping and long drives on weekends. She complained to me: “Mamma doesn’t understand me.”

When My Cousin Signed Up On EliteMatrimony.com -My Review and Feedback
When My Cousin Signed Up On EliteMatrimony.com -My Review and Feedback

One day, she heard her friend found a match on elite matrimony. She called me that night, “That friend was very choosy even while at college. She wouldn’t buy a dress without visiting 10 boutiques. How did she find a match?”

That set her thinking. “Maybe I’d be also be able to find a match that fits my dreams.”

Then another day, she saw actor Madhavan on the elite matrimonial Ad on TV. A few weeks later, while driving to Lonavala. she felt she needed some company on her long drive.

The next day while sipping garam chai on her balcony, she announced to her mom: “Mummy! I think you’re right I’m 28 and well settled and it’s time I started looking out.”
My aunt jumped up. “Wow beta, I’m happy you made the decision.”

Then Radhika signed up on elite matrimony for a one year term paying a premium fee.

During the first week, she got very few prospective profiles from the relationship manager at elite. She called to enquire what the matter was.

She was told that she had set her location preferences too narrow and that was an issue in getting matches. She agreed to expand her choice to “cities anywhere in India”. Lo! She started getting matching profiles.

A couple of weeks later, she still felt that there still weren’t enough matches. The Relationship Manager, a girl in her mid-twenties, met her at home to explain that her unwillingness to look beyond her sub caste was a challenge. Radhika agreed and expanded her range to include the caste.

Soon the results showed. She and her family were meeting eligible grooms. Now, her fairy tale is about to begin!

Radhika is engaged and will get married in mid Jan next year.

Being with her during the process of searching for a life partner (reviewing and offering my feedback), I learnt a few lessons. If you want a prince, you have to pay well for the service.

Besides, you have to be realistic about your expectations. And finally, that services like elite matrimony enhance your chances of finding the right match not guarantee you one. And we shouldn’t expect a guarantee because the choice is anyways ours!

Are you thinking of your Madhavan now!

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