Mom's Tips For Heart-Healthy Grocery Shopping -World Heart Day

Mom’s Tips For Heart-Healthy Grocery Shopping -World Heart Day

Happy World Heart Day! We all know heart IS the main organ of our body and therefore it’s health should be on priority. The thing that has a direct impact on our heart is the food we eat, apart from physical activities we do! My Mom keeps on giving me important tips on shopping for a health heart. Yes! Our grocery shopping is something that can help us keep up with our heart’s good health.

Mom's Tips For Heart-Healthy Grocery Shopping -World Heart Day
Mom’s Tips For Heart-Healthy Grocery Shopping -World Heart Day image:tumblr

Most of us live alone as we are professionals or students and we have to manage our own grocery. This is the reason why I decided to share this with you all. I always call my mom to discuss what I buy and what’s good! But this list (which you’ll read below, in a bit) will now save a lot of time and will surely help us pick what’s good!

Here’s sharing those important tips for heart-healthy grocery shopping from my Mom!

  • Buy variety of fruits and vegetables and not just 1-2
  • If fresh fruits are not available, pick the frozen or canned ones, the ones which DOES NOT have salt, sugar, saturated or trans fat added
  • Pick some raw vegetables for munching or snacking like carrots, broccoli, cucumber, etc.
  • Try buying fat-free (skimmed) or low-fat (1%) milk
  • Include nuts and seeds in your list. It’s a good source of protein
  • Prefer whole-grain & high fiber breads
  • Choose baked over fried
  • Do not buy Palm oil, palm kernel oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil for cooking, they are high in saturated fats which is not good for heart.
  • Use non-stick pan as it  consumes less oil
  • Eat lots of greens

Along with eating healthy, try including breathing exercises in your routine. I do Yoga (read: 8 Surprising Benefits Of Yoga In Daily Life) and some other activities including jogging, this keeps our heart healthy too. Also, try climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator.

I hope you liked reading this post and found it useful. If you have any tips to share, please do via comments section below!

Stay healthy & Happy Heart Day!

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