How To Write a Love Letter

How To Write A Love Letter? The Simplest Guide EVER!

Last night, I got an email from a reader. He requested me to teach him how to write a love letter! He said that he is really grateful to me for writing such a beautiful novel (For The Sake Of Love) which had so many love letters in it and made him feel so romantic and warm. He follows me on all social medias and he knows that I am too old school, when it comes to love and relationships.

Though, last night after reading that email I thought of sending an apologetic mail saying that I can’t help him teach because I am very busy with my current writing project. But second thought came, why not to write a blog post on this. It’ll be a fun thing to share these ideas. And if this guy is seeking help, might be possible that there are so many people out there who are willing to write love letters but have no clue on writing a love letter!

How To Write a Love Letter
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So, here’s my take on How to write a love letter! And yes, I understand relationships in a nice way but have never written a love to anyone. But, If I had to write a love letter I would surely keep the follow points in my mind before and while writing that love letter.

How to write a love letter?

– Always prefer a good and romantic letter paper. Lots of romantic and love themed letter pads are available in the market. If you don’t want to buy a paper especially for letter, then simply pick a white handmade paper.

– Never ever use silly ways like writing with blood and all. Its a bad idea. Avoid thinking about stuff like that. You need to express your love through words, and no girl would feel happy to see your blood. Its madness! Hell no to these tacky ideas

– Pick a beautiful glitter pen. My personal choice would be a pink or red fountain or gel pen. Avoid using ball pen. Blue ink pen is also a good idea, it’s classic and always charming.

– Don’t write ‘To Kareena’, ‘My dear Kareena’, ‘My love Kareena’ or stuff like that. Simply write ‘Kareena,’ and switch to next line. This gives a feeling that someone is talking rather than reading/writing.

– Don’t write ‘Phoolo se likha khat tumhe…’, ‘Kash me tumhe bata pata ke tum kitni sunder ho’, ‘I wish I could have…’ etc etc. You are writing this letter to say whatever is in your heart. Write your heart out.

– If you are not a poet, don’t write to write poems or try to be poetic. It might turn out to be a spoiler.

– Use simple and apt words. Don’t make your lover run to see a dictionary after every line. Sometimes, simplicity is what is needed to express!

– Don’t be rude in writing. Even if you are angry, be polite and talk with love. After all, you writing to someone who is the love or once was the love of your life.

– End simply with ‘ABCD’ or ‘yours ABCD’

I really hope these tips will help you in some way. Spread love and express your heart out with a love letter, it is the best way to convey your feelings!

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