The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) lifts ban on photography inside the monuments.

Recently I posted a photo of me inside the cave of Patal-Bhuvneshwar on Instagram and a LOT OF PEOPLE started posting negative comments to take the photo down as photography was not allowed. THEREFORE, I decided to update your knowledge base with the latest news on Photography ban at ASI Protected Monuments in India.

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Inside Patal Bhuvneshwar

On 12th July 2018, ASI lifted ban on photography inside the ASI protected monuments in India. This was done after our respected PM Shri Narendra Modi ji shared on thought about the same. So now, you can click photos inside all ASI protected monuments except Leh Palace, Ajanta Caves and Mausoleum of Taj Mahal in Agra.

Furthermore, you can click photos using your phone or camera though you still need special written permission to use tripods and other camera equipment. Also different monuments have different timings and days when you can’t take photos, you have to follow that.

As I was travelling with the officials of tourism board, I was well aware of the new rule and therefore we were the first lot who went inside the caves and clicked photos with due permission.

I really hope this helped you. I request you to please share this as much as possible in order to create awareness and help people update their knowledge base.

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