Plants are not mere objects but are alive just the way we are. They may not move and communicate like us but other than that they are just like the bunch of friends that you have or your family members at home. Plants can prove to be a great company if planted at home in the balcony area or garden. There are many advantages in keeping plants at home which include better atmosphere, more colour, positive vibes and some home-grown herbs inclusive. We might often want to figure out what would be the best of choice of plants to have at your place.
Personally, I would want to have plants with more and more colour which means plants that get more flowers growing out of them. I would also want to have plants which I could use sometimes while cooking or any chore.

Which Kind Of Plants You Must Have In Your Balcony?
Which Kind Of Plants You Must Have In Your Balcony? | image:tumblr

Another point that I feel is important is that they smell good. Balcony is a place where I hangout while I am having coffee, reading one of my favourite books, doing yoga or simply spending some lonesome time. A nice fragrance adds to the charm of the activity I am undertaking.
So here is a list of plants that I would prefer having in my balcony:


 Plants You Must Have In Your Balcony
Marigolds | image:tumblr

I am in love with these flowers for a number of reasons. They are so pretty and colourful. They smell amazing. They make my balcony look bright and give a relaxed feel to my eyes whenever I enter my space. They are low maintenance and pest repellent.


 Plants You Must Have In Your Balcony
Ferns |image:tumblr

Very easy to grown and maintain. I like to grow them in small containers which adds a little creativity to my balcony space. They can even grow if you have shady roofs over the balcony. Their leaves are very different from the ordinary.


 Plants You Must Have In Your Balcony
Rose plant

This is a must plant I would have in my balcony. Reasons are enormous. They look beautiful. They smell fantastic. They bring colour to my balcony. I am very much into making stuff with rose petals at home so yes, this is definitely going in my balcony plants list.


 Plants You Must Have In Your Balcony
Tomato Plant |image:tumblr

I would like to grown them in my balcony because of their utility. Tomatoes work wonders in kitchen and if I can grow the right at my place the why not?


 Plants You Must Have In Your Balcony
Tulsi plant |image:tumblr

Other than its spiritual and holy value, this plant has a number of medicinal purposes and usages. I can get a tea with Tulsi leaves in it anytime of the day if I get this at my place. This reason alone is enough for me to have this plant at my place. Plus, it is proven that if Tulsi consumed regularly puts away pimples and acne and makes skin bacteria free. Another prominent reason to have this plant at my place.


 Plants You Must Have In Your Balcony
Berry plant |image:pinterest

Both raspberries and blueberries are easy to grown in balconies. They may require a little care but I wouldn’t mind if the fruits of my hard work are red and purple and so yummy. These will not bring much colour as I am going to pluck them often. But, they are a definite choice.


 Plants You Must Have In Your Balcony
Green Chilli plant |image:tumblr

Yes, yes, yes! My balcony garden is incomplete without these. I am an addict of putting chillies in every item I consume. For obvious reasons I am going to have these in my balcony. I can pluck them anytime I want and add them to my food.

Having plants at your house will bring out more positivity in your place. Not only will this make your house look beautiful but your quality time in your lonely balcony will now turn into a bunch of plants and yourself.

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