What Is The Purpose Of A Dream Catcher?

What Is The Purpose Of A Dream Catcher? Why We Hang It?

Dream catchers are more than just a show-piece or ornament. It is believed that these beautiful hand-woven dream catchers are put to attract good vibes and positive thoughts. The concept of dream catcher originated in Ojibwa (Chippewa) Nation. This was further passed on to most other Native Americans. Today these are considered to be a cultural symbol of Native America and it loved by people from all across the world including our nation.

Honest confession: I too have 2 dream-catchers at my place & 1 in my car!

What Is The Purpose Of A Dream Catcher?
What Is The Purpose Of A Dream Catcher? | image:tumblr

Dream catchers were mainly used to be hung by the bed so that they remained on the heads of the children so as to protect them from bad dreams. Bad dreams were believed to get caught in the dream catcher. As soon as the first ray of sunlight hit the dream catcher, the bad dreams would vanish.

Another set of interpretation about the dream catchers also exists. Some people believed that the bad dreams would pass through the dream catcher and exit through the nearest window whereas the good dreams would get caught in the dream catcher and travel through the beads and feathers below to the head of the children.

The functioning may be perceived differently by different sets of people. However, dream catchers are believed to work. They are believed to serve a protective purpose. People consider them to be a filter of dreams which if hung by the bed will slide down the good dreams to the sleeper and deflect away the bad dreams.

An ordinary traditional dream catcher has eight points which symbolises the eight legs of the spider. The spider, because it stands for wisdom, energy and learning.

Some Native Americans keep a broader view to the purpose of the dream catcher. They believe that it not only deflects bad dreams and stores good dreams but also brings positive vibes and positive energy and lets negative vibes and negative energy pass by. They believe it neutralizes bad energy.

Different people may speak different things about a dream catcher, however, their believe in it is unanimous.

The dream catcher is also believed to help you remember your dreams if hung on the bed. Hanging a dream catcher near the bed where we sleep, will make your dreams more active.

Some of us also like to hang dream catchers on our walls, wear it in any form or even use it as a bookmark. It is essential that a dream catcher has eight points of joints of the hoop, with beads and feathers and a hole in the middle.

Dream catchers also symbolised good luck and good vibes for a new beginning or a new venture. It also symbolises the unity among various Indian nations. It is in the shape of a circle so as to represent the path onto which the sun and the moon travel everyday across the space in the sky.

So, you can also hang it in your living room’s window, car, book shelf, etc.

purpose of a dream catcher
Where will you put your dream-catcher?

People also believe that a dream catcher must be authentic and hand made as it is considered to be a sacred object. It should have some meaning to it and a different story of itself. It should not be made with synthetic material and should not be commercialised.

Dream catcher is much more than an ornament. It is a symbol of bliss and good things coming your way. So, do you have a dream catcher at your place? If no, then time to get one!

Note from Anamika Mishra:

Hey people! Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Frankly speaking, I am obsessed with dream catchers. I have 1 in my writing studio hung near the window and 1 in my car. Check my Instagram highlights ‘Good vibes only’ for a pic!

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