Karenjit Kaur -The Untold Story of Sunny Leone On Zee5

Karenjit Kaur -The Untold Story of Sunny Leone On Zee5 -Why To Watch It?

Almost all of us know who is Sunny Leone. And you must be living under the rock if you have no clue who Sunny Leone is? You’ll be surprised to know that Sunny Leone is India’s most googled celebrity. Recently ZEE5 released it’s original series called Karenjit Kaur -The untold story of Sunny Leone which is a biopic of Sunny Leone.

Here’s the trailer:

Frankly, I won’t be able to argue much about what Sunny Leone is doing and if it’s good or bad. So, please excuse this blog post if you feel that this is not worth the discussion and your time.

At first, I saw the trailer of this biopic on some random website. I found it interesting and therefore I decided to watch it. This biopic is directed by Aditya Datt. This sensation drama clearly reveals about the struggles of Sunny Leone, her family background, her personal life, how she started her career as an adult film actor and how she became a bollywood film actor. It also shows how she met Daniel Weber, dated him and eventually got married to him.

This series stars Sunny Leone herself along with Raj Arjun, Karamvir Lamba, Bijay Jasjit Anand, Rysa Saujani, Vansh Pradhan and Marc Buckner. I am impressed with this series. I am not sure how much truth it has but totally appreciate the way they have depicted the characters.

The opening scene gives you a clear idea how her journey began and how hesitant she felt when she unrobed her robe for the first bold shoot for a brand. Then, she was just Karenjit Kaur a sikh girl from a conservative family settled in Canada. It then goes to the flashback back in 1994 showing about her childhood where she is sitting in a Gurudwara singing Gurbani. Then there’s a scene where a journalist is preparing to interview her and that sets the flow of the series.

Karenjit Kaur -The Untold Story of Sunny Leone On Zee5
Karenjit Kaur -The Untold Story of Sunny Leone On Zee5

Scenes after that also shows her struggles as an introvert girl who was bullied every now and then, by girls in her school. It then shows the conflict and problems she faced when she grew up and the financial crises she and her family faced and eventually, how she started her career as a model. Although she was being supported by her brother all through.

As Sunny is portraying her own self in the pic, there are some scene which gives you goosebumps and feel pity. Though the scenes where she was humiliated or felt like giving up will make you feel sad for her, but on the other hand it also depicts her ambitious rebel where she is ready to do anything to reach for what she wants. I also felt that this movie is a way to keep her side of story in front of the world. She sold lemonade, newspaper and walked a dog to earn a $60 gown which she wants to wear in her school event. In the circumstances how she grows up and paves her way is the story of Karenjit Kaur.

The episodes keep you hooked to the screen as the series of flashbacks from Sunny’s college life, phase when she started her career and when she is being interviewed on a tv channel are shown. The first few episodes sets the story clearly in front of us showing her background and childhood. Some of the incidences (or scenes) are revealed in the trailer while some scenes will really surprise you. I really liked the casting/background music. It’s intriguing and appealing and perfectly suits the web series.

If you like watching biopics then I would suggest you to watch this biopic of Sunny Leone. It shows her life struggles and how she transformed from the girl-next-door to a sensational bollywood star.

I appreciate the hardwork of entire team of Karenjit Kaur -The untold story of Sunny Leone for putting efforts and taking this bold step to show the real life struggle of Sunny Leone!

This original web series is exclusively available on ZEE5 app. You may get it on apple or android phone or watch it on your computer.

P.S: This web series is not suitable for audience below 18 years of age as it has some bold scenes that are not suitable for audience of the aforementioned age-group.

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