4 Days Trip To Bir Billing With StayOnSkill

Apologies for updating this blog so late. I know, many of you were waiting for the same and also pinged me on instagram about the same. I was travelling back to back and my staff was off-duty. Hence, had to delay. But as it is said better late than never, here I am sharing my experience of 4 days in Bir Billing with StayOnSkill.

Trip To Bir Billing With StayOnSkill
Hey there!

Bir is a little quaint town situated in Himanchal Pradesh. This was my first time in Bir and therefore, I was super excited. Another reason why I was so excited for this trip was the TravelX talks which was organized by StayOnSkill.

I have been invited to so many events and ocassions to deliver talks which I share inspiring things, career advice, my journey so far and all. But this was the first time where I was invited to talk about my experience of road trips. You, being a regular reader and follower on social media must be knowing that I am such an addict to road trips. Apart from me, there were 11 other travel experts (including film makers, full time back packers, photographers, and more) who were there for travelX talks.

We were hosted by Musafir Cafe & Homes. I really liked the location of Musafir homes which is a home stay situated on the outskirts of Bir town. The surroundings were peaceful and calm. At Musafir homes, you have options where you can pick from tents as well as rooms. You can also walk a mile to explore a hidden lagoon.

Trip To Bir Billing With StayOnSkill
Our homestay- Musafir Homes
Trip To Bir Billing With StayOnSkill
VIew from my room
Trip To Bir Billing With StayOnSkill
Hidden lagoon near our home stay

We trekked from Musafir homes to landing site (which is the most beautiful location in Bir) and then to Musafir Cafe.

Trip To Bir Billing With StayOnSkill
Landing site, Bir

The TravelX talk event happened in Musafir Cafe which was followed by 2 movie screenings. My topic was Glimpse of life on road where I spoke about my experience om road trips. It was a very informative and entertaining event. Listening to stories of travellers, their experiences everything was so amazing.

Trip To Bir Billing With StayOnSkill
Musafir Cafe, Bir
Trip To Bir Billing With StayOnSkill
Sunset scenes

We also explored Bir. We went to Sherabling Monastery, Deer Park, Sunset point and walk through the narrow lanes of the village too. More about Bir and places to explore, I will share in another post.

Trip To Bir Billing With StayOnSkill
Sherabling Monastry, Bir

If you are a skilled (in any way, may it be writing, cooking, photography etc) and want to travel for free, then do check out StayOnSkill where you can teach to travel. Also, they often conduct StayOnSkill meetups. So, follow them on instagram to stay updated for their next meetup.

Watch the vlog for more! Also, don’t forget to subscribe and support. Cheers!

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