3 Ways To Save Money On Transportation While Traveling

3 Ways To Save Money On Transportation While Traveling

Traveling to various destinations is fun because you get to experience different scenery and culture. However, most people forget that the fare they pay to move around cities may amount to hundreds if not thousands of dollars. But there are ways of reducing the money that is spent on transport. By cutting back on such costs, you will be left with enough money to spend on other things that are more important. Below are tips that you can use to make sure you don’t spend a lot of money on transport.

3 Ways To Save Money On Transportation While Traveling
3 Ways To Save Money On Transportation While Traveling | image:tumblr.com
  1. Use Promo Codes

If you use cabs more often, you have probably heard about promo codes. In a nutshell, they are promotion codes that are reserved by taxi companies such as Uber, Lyft and Taxify for their customers. When you download either of these companies rideshare apps, you are entitled for a free ride. If you are travelling as a group of friends or relatives, you should send each of them an invitation using your dedicated referral link.

Since you can’t get a coupon code after becoming an existing user, you should consider sharing a ride with the friends who are yet to claim their coupon codes. The good thing is that all taxi companies encourage their customers to share rides so that they can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases into the environment. As a matter of fact, ridesharing is known to help in decongesting the roads.

Once you have exhausted the coupon codes of one Taxi Company, you should download the apps of their competitors and do the same thing. By taking advantage of coupon codes, you would have spent zero bucks on transportation.

  1. Ride on a Bicycle

If your destinations are within the city, it’s recommended you use a bike. You don’t have to buy a new bicycle because there are already people who rent them out at a small fee. With a bike, you don’t have to budget for the fuel and parking fees. It actually gives you the convenience of stopping when you want. The other advantage is that a bicycle makes it easy to navigate through heavy traffic that’s usually experienced in major cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona.

All you need is to wear protective gear such as helmet and gloves. You also need to wear a reflector jacket to make sure other motorists can see you when riding in the dark. It’s also recommended that you get a bike that’s equipped with lights so you can see the path you are following at nightfall. Riding on a bike is not only cheap but healthy. This is because it helps in burning extra calories that are in your body.

  1. Use Public Transport

Public transport is usually cheaper than taxi or renting a car. The good news is that most tourist destinations have a reliable railway and bus service network that go through various towns and cities. You can pay much less fair by travelling during off peak hours. The fairs are usually slashed when there are less people travelling. The advantage of using the train is that they are rarely affected by traffic. If your journey is pretty long, you can even sleep in the train so you will be ready for adventure by the time you arrive at your destination.

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