The Art Of Making New Friends Ft. Cuddll

The Art Of Making New Friends Ft. Cuddll

For some people, social media is a boon while for others it’s a bane! I believe amidst all the negativity, there is lots of positive things happen to you on social media. You won’t believe but I have actually made real good friends using social media. In fact, majority of my friends (read close friends) are the ones I have met through social media. This is the reason why I say it’s a boon. From searching a good friend to a life partner, there are almost all types of services are available on our finger tips. And the apps on our smartphones have made things easier. We can now communicate, socialize and meet new people on the go. Talking of which, I came across this fab app called Cuddll. Cute name, isn’t it?

The Art Of Making New Friends Ft. Cuddll
The Art Of Making New Friends Ft. Cuddll

Cuddll is an socializing app where you can make new friends. Now you must be wondering what’s so special about this app when there are hundreds of socializing apps available. Well, Cuddll is different. Using this app, you can meet your ‘new friends’ real time. Yes, it not just allows you to make new friends but also attend events happening nearby you. This is to help you can socialize in real and not just virtually.

Suppose you are in Andheri west, Mumbai; now you can search nearby informal social gatherings (events and activities) called as ‘Cuddlls’ happening like pool party, dating meet up etc and ‘Cuddll In’ means Join in. These cuddlls are based on your location, interest, availability etc.

I believe making friends is an art. So, before you make up your mind to make new friends, you need to understand the science of friendship.

Talk about friends and you will be reminded of your buddies who have been with you through thick and thin. Yes, good friends are a gift in life and we cannot be without them. Right from the school days till our old age, friends play a major role in life. They are the social support. Remember the first day in college when your eyes were searching for somebody with whom you connect. Yes, that instant connect would fetch you friends forever. Once you are done with your school you enter to college and then to corporate life. The only thing that is common are your friends. But now time have changed. Things have become digitalized. Everyone is on social media and hence, it makes things a little tough as you can’t say who is sitting behind the screen.

Research says that friends play a major role in life. If you are happy with your friend circle you would be more successful in life. The release of oxytocin will be on higher side keeping you happy throughout your life. It will help you to reduce anxiety and increase your concentration. You will be more focused in life. The better compatibility we have with friends, the more we become better individuals. If you aren’t happy with your friend circle and you feel neglected, you tend to be more depressed. You feel like a loner and it will bother you more and more. Thus, you have to be choosy with people whom you are allowing to enter in your life. Friends can either make you or break you. They can add happiness or make our days gloomy. They can lend you shoulders when you need to cry upon them. Be choosy with your friends and you are sure to find a difference in your life.

This is where a reliable source comes into action. As there are so many applications and website available to make new friends, it becomes hard to decide which app to with and to trust.

The Cuddlls (or events) listed in the app also have proper detailed description about each and everything from time to venue to activities, locations etc. which makes it easier to decide whether to go or not. This also helps in making like-minded friends who share same interests, which ultimately makes it easier to gel up.

We discussed the science of friendship, now let’s understand the art of making friends.

The Art Of Making New Friends Ft. Cuddll
The Art Of Making New Friends Ft. Cuddll | image:tumblr

So, suppose you have made a new friend on #cuddll and now you are going to attend an event where you will be meeting your new friend. There are certain things that needs to be kept in mind when meeting someone through social media for the first time.

  • Introduce yourself again when you meet your new friend for the first time
  • Be polite, no matter what
  • Don’t force your ‘new friend’ for anything, may it be trying new food item or drink
  • Avoid pulling leg, as you still don’t know the person and his/her nature
  • Avoid sarcasm, it might hurt the other person
  • Talk about general things like movies, games, sports, hobbies but don’t go in-depth about one’s personal life. After all, it’s your first meeting and you don’t want to spoil someone’s mood
  • Keep the conversation light. Avoid talking about controversial topics like politics which can lead to an argument
  • If there is a situation where a bill needs to be paid, insist in splitting the bill equally.
  • Greeting good bye nicely and ask if the other person wants to catch up again, just in case you are interested for the same.
  • Send a thank you text, once you reach your place.

So, these were little things that will help you leave a good impression. It is said that your first impression is your last impression, therefore it becomes very important that you leave a good impression especially when you really like your new friend. And yes, the points that I have shared above are for both girls and boys. I really hope you find this post interesting. After a long time, I tried a new app and I liked it.

Cuddll is available for both Android as well as iOS for free. Give it a shot and let me know if you like it via comments section below.

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