Being a mom is not easy, especially today when most of the girls are so career-oriented. Life changes drastically and at times, it becomes hard for new moms to cope. The pressure of motherhood + her regular responsibilities, work pressure etc might make her feel suffocated which leads to post partum depression.

I Pledge To Support The New Moms & You Should Too
I Pledge To Support The New Moms & You Should Too | image:tumblr

PPD is one of the least-talked about emotional condition which shouldn’t be neglected. 1 in 5 new moms in India suffer from Post-Partum Depression. A serious emotional condition which can manifest itself in the form of a mood swing to chronic depression. By sporting this brand, I pledge to support new moms by helping them open up, talk about, and not feel alone in their struggle with Post-Partum Depression. Watch this video by Prega News HERE about a new mom dealing with post partum depression, share it and help make the world, her second home, which is full of love and care. Prega News is a No.1 brand from Mankind Pharma and is one of the fastest growing companies in its niche.

I am really moved by this video and hence I decided to support the new moms.

You can also help! If there’s a new mom in your office, your neighbor etc. try talking to her about how she feels and make her feel happy about herself. Tell her that you are there for her and she can call you whenever she needs someone to be there with her. Make her realize that she is important. Trying to help to someone with PPD is not at all easy though; the PPD sufferer herself might not be knowing what she actually needs, so might be at a loss for words to describe how she needs you to help her. Be patient and listen to her. Let her speak her heart about. It is said that the best medicine to any depression is talking. Also, try to help her with her work and share the roles.
Kindness doesn’t cost anything. It just needs a heart full of care and this is the best remedy to get rid of depression, no matter which kind of depression it is.

Please this as much as you can & help me create awareness about the same!

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