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Anamika Mishra -From Engineering To Becoming a Novelist Sensation -Featured On LifeHacks

Featured On LifeHacks
Featured On LifeHacks

“Before writing her first novel, she was in a dilemma about what she actually wanted to become. Anamika did an engineering course followed with a Masters in Journalism – a completely different field. Anamika was confused, demented and muddled with her career choices. And this story resonates with so many Indian students, as they get just follow the herd and get stuck in engineering, even if they have nothing to do with it. While at Amity University, she had a counseling session, and it was after this session that Anamika decided she must focus on writing. Anamika worked very hard, skipped meals and locked herself in a room while she wrote the book. It took three months to complete her first novel, and the rest is history.

Anamika made wrong career choices at every step in her life. She even did a job at the radio station for 20 days, but she wasn’t happy with the situation. She wasn’t getting the deep fulfillment which an individual need, so she made a brave decision to quit the job.”


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