5 Exclusive Benefits Of Donning A Luxury Watch

5 Exclusive Benefits Of Donning A Luxury Watch

The ideas behind wearing a watch can be multiple. One reason can be that you need it as a timepiece while another reason maybe to use it as a style statement or the perfect folly to your outfit for the day. However, the watch is not just a piece of accessory, but a reflection of your identity. With this philosophy in mind, luxury watch makers have created technical masterpieces high on function and form for many years. A lot of people think that the watch is chosen according to the personality, but it is the watch that builds certain aspects of the personality.

5 Exclusive Benefits Of Donning A Luxury Watch
5 Exclusive Benefits Of Donning A Luxury Watch

Brands like Rolex, Hublot and Brietling have been known for their iconic designs for many years. Most retailers like Ethos exclusively deal in these brands to keep their aura live. Their collections that include watches for women and men have been lauded for the inimitability, their ability to last decades or even centuries, and the exquisite materials that are used in their making. However, why do luxury watches still command so much respect?


Having a Rolex Submariner or any other luxury watch on your hand when you walk into a room not just makes an impact, but immediately attracts all the attention towards you and keeps it there. Luxury watches are known to create a certain kind of impression and impact, which makes everyone take notice of both you and your timepiece. The exclusivity of the watch sticks and anything unique or disruptive is always focused on first.

Art Piece

Some people treat their wrist watches as a primary instrument of telling time. However, luxury watches transcend those levels and are symbolic of something that is synonymous with pieces of art. The watches are crafted over weeks, with every single part either hand-made or made with precision. The art of making these watches sometimes go back centuries, and most luxury watches still employ watch makers who keep up the tradition by putting in man hours that is not found in the commercial watch making industry anymore.


A great watch is timeless, and its beauty is appreciated over generations making it the perfect family heirloom. Classic Rolex watches or Hublot pieces have been worn by multiple people in families over decades, and have been treasured by them as a symbol of their lineage. Pocket watches and wrist watches both have significance as a coming-of-age gift and they have been used as such.


Over time, watches made by commercial companies lose their value and become almost unusable over time. The architecture and design of luxury watches stand the tests of time because of the material that are used in its making. These watches are known to be very durable along with keeping their class intact. This is the reason why a luxury watch from the 1960s is still regarded as a vintage and would be auctioned off instead of resold.

Everyday Use

Just because they are brands that have stood the time does not mean that they are by any means fragile or easily damaged. With minor and occasional maintenance, these watches can function for years. Things like scratches or dents are not even something a luxury watch wearer is worried about because of the extreme care and thorough process undertaken by the makers to provide the perfect watch that can be used every day without any worry.

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