Any golfer would testify that there is nothing as satisfying as perfectly launching a ball into motion thereby achieving maximum results of the game. To make every shot count, a golfer should, therefore, know where to invest his or her money in a bid to get a cool driver. With the hype for better experience and performance in the golf industry has come a series of golf drivers in the market. Among the four pivotal factors to consider while choosing a golf driver that will guarantee you maximum distance, trajectory, and an overall luxurious control of the tee include:

4 Tips To Picking Out A Golf Driver
4 Tips To Picking Out A Golf Driver |

You level of experience

A driver can be a really intimidating  component of a golfer’s bag. Choosing the right club is, therefore, a party to laying a solid foundation in gaining confidence while teeing off the ball. There are different clubs in the market to aid players address their swing mastery. As a golfer, you may always deem it a necessity to upgrade to a new driver with an improvement in your swing progress. If you are uncertain about your level of swing, do not shy from seeking the opinion of your instructor who certainly bears a great knowledge of the game.

The Head

Round-headed golf drivers have consistently been a darling to many players. A driver with a big head which gives a larger than an average sweep is an ideal choice for beginners and intermediate players who are yet to perfect their shots. On the other hand, experienced golfers can get clean shots with heads of any size. The TaylorMade M4 Golf Driver is a good example of a driver with a perfect head that creates a massive and exceptional sweep spot for beginners, intermediate, and expert players.

The Loft

The loft is the angle of the clubface on the vertical axis. It is what determines the highness to which the golf ball is launched hence the distance. The lower the loft of a given clubface the lower the trajectory and vice versa. Initially, the loft was perpendicular to the vertical axis, thanks to technological advancements which now guarantee a loft of more than 10 degrees on some clubheads. The general range of loft for men falls between 8-15 degrees for men whereas the women can enjoy a loft of between 10-15 degrees depending on the manufacturer among other factors considered.

The Shaft

Landing a wrong shaft means stagnating at the same level of experience which can be pretty annoying for a golfer envisioning improvements. The shaft’s flex particularly affects your shot’s flight, accuracy, and distance. Stiffer shafts are recommended for players with a fast swing speed as they equate to more distance. If you achieve less than 250 yards on your hits, a regular shaft is a good pick for you, up to 270 yards will dictate a stiff shaft, whereas past 270 yards would mean an extra stiff shaft as a general recommendation.

While in the market for a good shaft, the above four factors will give you a great pick in readiness of cleaner shots while at the same time improving your expertise in terms of trajectory, distance, and accuracy.

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