TOEFL Preparation Made Easy With BestMyTest

TOEFL Preparation Made Easy With BestMyTest

We all speak English but that’s not enough if you are a non-native speaker and are willing to enroll in an English-speaking university. TOEFL or Test Of English As A Foreign Language is standardized English test that is most widely accepted in over 10,000 universities colleges and agencies in more than 130 countries. It is so trusted that some of the top colleges and universities have made it a mandatory test. Of course, if it’s that trusted it won’t be that easy. But I came across an amazing teacher that can help you here. 

BestMyTest is a TOEFL online preparation course for all skill levels.

TOEFL Preparation Made Easy With BestMyTest
TOEFL Preparation Made Easy With BestMyTest | Website Screenshot

Having helped with more than 100,000 students from all across the world, this is your one stop for online TOEFL preparation. It has over 3000 practice material. There are different categories such as TOEFL reading questions, listening questions, speaking questions, writing questions and vocabulary. There are lessons and practice tests that are exclusively designed for TOEFL.

Best part is you can take a free mock test of reading, writing, speaking and listening to know where you stand. There are 3 courses available i.e. 7 days course, 1 month course and 6 months course. The 7 days course does not give score guarantee while 1 month and 6 months course has a 7+ score improvement guarantee. You can also ask questions from the instructor. In 7 days course, you can ask 5 questions while in 1 month course you can ask 10 questions and in 6 months course, you can ask 20 questions. You’ll get access to full course in all 3 options. You will also get 20 practical tests, 2000+ vocabulary and 1000+ practical questions in all 3 courses.

There is also an option to try BestMyTest for 7 days for free. Although, I will suggest you to go for 6 months course if you have time. It will help you save your money. Because YOU are my valued reader, You can use my special promo code ANAMIKAMISHRA or click HERE to get 25% off and best thing is, it’s applicable on all study plans.

TOEFL Preparation Made Easy With BestMyTest
TOEFL Preparation Made Easy With BestMyTest | imae:tumblr

I really hope this will help you improve your TOEFL score. Have any doubts? Ask via comments section below!

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