Achieve Your #LifeGoals With Smart Investment Ft. Bajaj Allianz Life
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Achieve Your #LifeGoals With Smart Investment Ft. Bajaj Allianz Life

We all have life goals. Whether it is to buy dream home, luxury car, have a dream destination wedding in Rome or go on a world tour. It being your life goal, obviously it can be achieved in a day or a year. We have plan smart to achieve it. The best thing that can be done to achieve your life goal is to invest smart. That’s where Bajaj Allianz Life Unit-Linked Insurance Plans aka ULIPs come into the picture.

Achieve Your #LifeGoals With Smart Investment Ft. Bajaj Allianz Life
Achieve Your #LifeGoals With Smart Investment Ft. Bajaj Allianz Life

Yes, you can achieve your life goals with Bajaj Allianz ULIPs. ULIPs give you the best of both worlds. Means, it combines the features of a life insurance policy as well as a market linked instrument. The best feature of this is they have an option to change the premium payment term as well as the frequency. Also, they have an option to pay a top-up premium and on the maturity of the ULIP, the insurer will be paid the fund value.

I feel that this is really a good option for long term goals which are of more than 10 years though you can also invest for minimum of 5 years.

Being a tax payer, you will also want tax advantage on whatever you invest. ULIPs are good for that too. So if you are a savvy investor, who is into managing their equity and debt investments, then ULIP is a perfect product for you I believe.

If you compare equity funds, non-equity funds and ULIPs, then there is no tax on switching from one fund option to another and maturity corpus is tax free while which is not the option with equity and non-equity funds.

And you know what? Bajaj Allianz ULIP returns are the best among equity oriented plans and it has been reviewed by Financial Express.

So what seemed like an impossible or difficult task, may it be having your own start-up or reaching to your first 1 Crore or buying a sea-facing mansion is now possible with Bajaj Allianz ULIPs.


P.S: Make sure you consult your financial advisor before investing.

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