5 Imp Tips To Book Last-Minute Holiday Hotel & Flights

5 Imp Tips To Book Last-Minute Holiday Hotel & Flights

Sudden holiday plans are too much fun, especially when it’s during the holiday season. But what ruins the plans and conjures up all sorts of challenges is the increased price of hotel and flights. Finding a good yet affordable hotel and suitable flight is very difficult during the holiday season. Prices are higher than usual due to increased number of visitors.

At times, we often check for flight tickets and hotels and then cancel out plans due to unusual increase in fare or unavailability of good rooms. But I say, this shouldn’t ruin your travel plans. Therefore, here are 5 fab tips to book last-minute holiday hotel & flights which will help you save money too!

5 Imp Tips To Book Last-Minute Holiday Hotel & Flights
5 Imp Tips To Book Last-Minute Holiday Hotel & Flights | img:tumblr

5 Tips to Save Money on Booking Last-Minute Flights Tickets and Hotel Rooms:

  1. Research:

Most important thing to click on the ‘book now’ button is to research. The hotels located at the prime location are costlier than the hotels. Suppose you wish to book a hotel room in Pune, now there are so many hotels in Pune but hotels in some market area or posh locations might be costlier. Therefore, it is very important to research.

  1. Pick off-beat locations:

If you haven’t a picked a place to holiday, follow this rule! It always works. For example, during winters mostly people prefer going to warm places, so you can pick hill stations instead. Visiting a tourist place during the off-season will always help you save money.

  1. Seek friends’ help:

You can ask your friends to pass-on the reward points to you. Most of the people usually don’t redeem reward points. May be you can borrow some really huge number of rewards from your friends and use it to get your bookings done!

  1. Prefer a business-friendly hotel:

During the holiday season, conferences and business travels slows down and many big business hotels cut down a deal to attract more tourists. Therefore, you can pick a good business hotel for your stay.

  1. Package bookings:

If you book flight tickets and hotels separately, it might cost you much more than going for a package bookings. There are good websites which offer packages like Cleartrip where you can combine airfare with a hotel stay. At times, you even get complimentary services like car rental, airport pick drop, breakfast included etc.

So these were 5 golden rules to save money when doing last-minute flight and hotel bookings. I really hope you found it useful and you will follow these 5 tips when getting your bookings done. Do share your views via comments section below and let me know where you are to heading to, this holiday season?

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