Completed 10 Years Of Blogging -How I Started This Blog- MyStory
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Completed 10 Years Of Blogging -How I Started This Blog- MyStory

This is a very emotional moment for me. On this day in 2007, I wrote my first blog post- Save Tigers. I still can’t believe this blog is 10 years old. I will tell you how it all started.

Completed 10 Years Of Blogging -How I Started This Blog- MyStory
Completed 10 Years Of Blogging -How I Started This Blog | Pic by: DreamBells Studio

15 Dec 2007, I was sitting with my dad watching TV. A TVC on ‘save tigers’ started and being an animal lover, it instantly caught up my attention. At the end of that TVC, the narrator said -spread the word, send sms, write blog… That time I didn’t know what exactly a blog a was, so I googled ‘blog’ and the first thing I saw was and it’s tagline which said -sign up and create a blog for free.

I without giving a second thought signed up and created a blog. I named it as ‘Something To Say’ and the first blog post I published was obviously about saving tigers. I felt so happy that I have taken a small step to create awareness, never knew that small step will someday be profession. In 2013 september when my debut novel Too Hard To Handle was launched, that time I turned this hobby blog into my profession, naive… not knowing how this industry actually works… and if blogging will help me earn my bread and butter?

I remember I even changed the names and domains of blog so many times. At first I named it as ‘something to say’ then ‘expressing me’, ‘here to share’, ‘Anamika’s blog’, ‘the Anamika Mishra blog’, and finally I came back to plain and simple ANAMIKA MISHRA.

The journey so far was not a smooth one but surely worth all the efforts. I have worked days and nights to manage this blog and make it worthy of your (the readers’) time. I had no one with whom I could discuss things about blog and seek suggestions or tips. I learned everything by myself. Thanks to my BCA degree, I knew how to create a website and code templates. Till now, I handle everything of my blog from technical part to SEO to content curation etc. I do have a small team but they only work on generic topics which you see under ‘Team Anamika Mishra’ label. Sometimes, my team also attends events on my behalf but when it comes to managing the blog, it’s just me.

And I will continue to do it. I love my work. I am a workaholic and I enjoy writing to the core. I am truly grateful for all that I have achieved so far, but I believe the journey has just begun and we (you and me) have got a long way to go!

To mark this day and give the love back to you, I announced a giveaway on my social media, where 5 winners would  win signed copies of For The Sake Of Love and 5 would win 500 INR gift vouchers.

Here are the winners:

For Amazon vouchers, winners are-

  • KiranGula (instagram)
  • SophiaChang20 (instagram)
  • Chavvi Shah (instagram)
  • NimiNN29 (instagram)
  • Ayush_ki_Kudi (instagram)

For Signed Copy Of For The Sake Of Love, winners are-

  • MissYukti (instagram)
  • Ayesha.Fur (Instagram)
  • NidhiAuthor (instagram)
  • Push94Lata (instagram)
  • Author.alj (instagram)

I wish I could make everyone win and trust me, it was a really a touch decision. That is why, I did NOT pick the winners, I put all entries in rafflecopter and they picked the winners.

For the ones who won, congratulations! For the ones who didn’t win, don’t worry I am planning another giveaway for you all real soon.

Winners who’ve won the signed copy of For The Sake Of Love, please share your postal address & contact details on

For amazon voucher winners, simply send an email on the above mentioned email id along with a proof that above mentioned is your insta a/c 🙂

Once again, thank you everyone! Keep loving & I promise I won’t let ya’ll down!

11th year will be the next level, I promise!


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