15 Incredibly Amazing Facts About Sanskrit That You Might Not Know

15 Incredibly Amazing Facts About Sanskrit That You Might Not Know

Sanskrit is the primary sacred language of Hinduism. Not only this, but Sanskrit is also a philosophical language in Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. It is the oldest language originating from Vedic Sanskrit and is listed amongst the 22 scheduled language of India. The word ‘Sanskrit’ has been derived from the word sam-skar which means to compose or arrange. There are over thousand amazing facts about Sanskrit that makes it an interesting topic of discussion.

When we had Sanskrit classes in school, we didn’t realize how important and rich Sanskrit is and how significant it is for India. But surely, I used to enjoy my Sanskrit classes when I was in school. It might sound weird but it’s true. Actually, I have a keen interest in learning new languages and I have always found Sanskrit very fascinating.

15 Incredibly Amazing Facts About Sanskrit That You Might Not Know

This ancient language is finally getting mainstream respect that it deserves and I am really happy for it. Therefore, I decided to share some really interesting facts about Sanskrit that will make you say WOW!

15 Incredibly Amazing Facts About Sanskrit That You Might Not Know
15 Incredibly Amazing Facts About Sanskrit | image:tumblr

1) Sanskrit is the oldest language known to mankind. It is believed that Sanskrit have been orally preserved and unchanged for more at least than 2 millennia.

2) Sanskrit is the official language of state Uttarakhand.

3) Many English words have been derived from Sanskrit. For example the English word Brother has been derived from the Sanskrit word Bhratru.

4) There is a Sanskrit newspaper called ‘Sudharma’ that has been in publication since the year 1970. You can read it online too.

5) Sanskrit was the national language of the Indian subcontinent before the Arab invasion.

6) Sanskrit increases concentration and helps in speech therapy even more than maths and science.

7) There is a village in Karnataka called as ‘Mattur’ where people only speak Sanskrit.

8) Forbes Magazine in July 1987 edition stated that Sanskrit is the most computer-friendly language

9) There are 14 universities in Germany that have Sanskrit as major subject. A recent report said that Germany is finding it hard to find people who can teach Sanskrit because the demand of people wanting to learn Sanskrit is increasing day by day.

10) UNO confirmed in a report that Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. 97% of languages in the world are directly or indirectly influenced or derived by Sanskrit.

11) Engineers are try to make devices that have back-end software of Sanskrit and by 2021 that you will be able to see those devices in working.

12) Sanskrit has the highest number of vocabularies that any other language in the whole world/

13) 102 arab 78 crore and 50 lakh words have been used till date in Sanskrit.

14) With Sanskrit you can say a sentence with using minimum number of words as compared to any other language

15) NASA has a separate department where they research on Sanskrit Manuscripts.

Surprising isn’t it? And moreover, interesting! Sanskrit is the only language that is known to mankind since more than millions of years. This itself is a wow-fact! I am feeling really proud to say that I have learned Sanskrit in my school, though I remember only few words now. But, it actually feels great to know such a rich language…

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