9 Easy Tips To Drape A Saree To Look Tall Without Heels
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9 Easy Tips To Drape A Saree To Look Tall Without Heels

Nothing can match the charm of a Saree. It’s our Indian traditional wear and it makes every single lady look beautiful and elegant. When you (the lady) drape a saree, the personality outshines! But there are times when you go wrong with picking up a Saree for you and end up looking short and stout. In this post, we’re sharing 9 easy Saree hacks that will help you look taller even without wearing heels. So, here you go!

9 Easy Tips To Drape A Saree To Look Tall Without Heels
9 Easy Tips To Drape A Saree To Look Tall Without Heels | image: myntra.com

Neatness matters

If you want to look taller and slimmer in a Saree, then It is really important to drape your Saree properly. Getting your pleats right and draping the pallu in a sleek and neat way is of prime importance. When it comes to pleats, keep them neat and small. The pallu should be pinned up properly and should not be too long.

Pick the right fabric

Next time you go shopping for a Saree or order one online, keep in mind that Stout women should prefer fabrics which are flow-y and light such as: Georgette, crepe, satin or chiffon.Silk, Stiff cotton and Organza fabrics do not sit well around your figure. These fluffy fabrics can make you look broader.

Buy smaller prints

If you like wearing prints, steer clear of bigger prints. Bigger prints occupy more space and do not allow a break in the your look. Go for smaller or elongated prints. You can go for floral prints or even little polka dots will make you look taller.

Pick the correct stripes

If you like stripes, go for vertical or diagonal stripes and avoid horizontal stripes at all costs. Remember, horizontal stripes makes one look short. I will always suggest you to go for vertical stripes.

Avoid heavy borders

Whenever picking your Saree, stay away from gaudy and broad borders, as these can make your frame look wider and stouter. These also reduce the visual length of your Saree. If you want to look tall, pick borders that are sleek and subtle borders.

Well fitted Blouses

Blouses that either have Three Fourth or full sleeves lend you a sleeker, taller and more elegant appearance. Do not wear blouses that are too short or too long. Therefore, only medium length blouses will be ideal for women with shorter height. High neck blouses too should be avoided if you are short-heighted.

Tie below the navel

This is one basics trick of draping a Saree, so that you look taller. You simply need to tie the Saree, just below your navel point. This technique helps to elongate your frame.

Slim fit petticoats or ankle length skirts

Purchase slim fit petticoats and not the conventional ones that tend to bunch up under your Saree. The length of your petticoat should not be more than ankle length.You could also wear an ankle length skirt or a jeans underneath, if you are going to stay in the party for only an hour or two, since, going to washroom with jeans on could be tricky. However, fitted skirts and jeans, give your body a curvy and tall appearance.


A top bun or a puff that is styled one can do the trick of adding a few extra inches to your height.

So, next time you drape a Saree, keep these hacks in mind!

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