This Is Why You Should Wait For The One You Love, No Matter What!

This Is Why You Should Wait For The One You Love, No Matter What!

Love is a mysterious game. It is said that falling in love is the best feeling in this world. I agree! The world seems bright and beautiful when you are in love with someone. You sing songs, watch romantic movies, day-dream of spending time with your love, imagine your dates, and start to focus on your looks and what not! But this fairytale phase of love just lasts for some days or maybe months. If you express your feelings and it is being reciprocated, all good but the complication starts when it is not reciprocated. That’s where the real struggle begins. Waiting for the one you love can be hard.

It breaks from within when you know the feelings are not mutual. It’s hard to keep up with that smile on your face. Suddenly you start hating the idea of love and you start seeking suggestions from your close ones. Friends, cousins, roommates, they suggest you to move on. They try to convince you that he or she wasn’t worth your love and you will find someone better. They even try to hook you up with their friends or random guys/gals in the club for that matter. It’s not their fault. They don’t know what’s going inside you. They just want you to be happy!

This Is Why You Should Wait For The One You Love, No Matter What!
Anamika Mishra

Love is really simple. Yes, you might think where this came from? But trust me when I say this. Love is simple, we make it complicated. Being a YA and romance author, I understand the pain, the restlessness and the curiosity. I’d suggest you to wait for the one you love, no matter what! If it’s love, the real love… you should wait!

Negative thoughts start to kill your mind. What was my fault? Am I not good? Why isn’t he/she in love with me? What’s my fault if they have been through a bad relationship in past? Why don’t he/she understand that I love him/her with all my heart and soul? Why can’t just things be simple? Why me?

We make things complicated by raising our expectation. Love is not a business where you give and take. It’s not a game where you win or lose. Love is simply love. An ethereal feeling that makes your life beautiful! Anyone can fall in love and anytime. There are no explanations or reasons.

Every single person who falls in love wants spend their entire life with the one they love. And why not? It’s completely fine. But if the feelings are not being reciprocated, don’t lose heart. Just be there with the one you love, without any complaints or demands. People crave to talk to the one they love. They crave for a single hi or a little glances. If you are able to talk to the one you love, consider yourself lucky. Destiny plays an important role. Just hold on to that feeling and you never know, they’ll fall in love with you one day!

And if going by the words of Mr. Paulo Coelho, if you really want something when you want something, the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. So, just hold on to that feeling as miracles happen every day! If the love is true, it’s going to be with you!

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