Discovering Delhi- A Potpourri Of Tradition And Modernity

Discovering Delhi- A Potpourri Of Tradition And Modernity

Delhi, a dynamic city known for its political significance has a history equally impactful in culture and heritage. Every visitor has a slice replete with cultural, historical and influential experience when he steps into the city.

The Mughal era has undeniably left the city with an age old remnant which blends effortlessly with the modern and contemporary fabric. Art, culture, architecture, entertainment, fashion and of course politics- Delhi balances all this with a surprising finesse.

Discovering Delhi- A Potpourri Of Tradition And Modernity
Discovering Delhi- A Potpourri Of Tradition And Modernity

With a rising footfall in tourists visiting the city lured by its charm, stepping into the gullies of the city is like turning over the pages of a history book or book tracing the evolution and growth of a city.

Alluring Attractions

Delhi bears a mark of every era and is testimony to a fantastic blend of old and new, history and modernity, religion and technology. It has a vibrant ambience and feel to it which makes its aura one of the most infectious influences. With monuments like the minaret Qutub Minar, glorious Humayun’s tomb, busy streets of Chandini Chowk and its alluring high rise buildings nestling top firms and shopping malls, Delhi paints a colourful picture in the minds of any traveller.

It is hard to come to the city for a day and still not try and make it one of the many famous attractions. One could definitely squeeze in some time to soak in a slice of its vibrancy but one will definitely face a challenge in terms of logistics to the airport. It could be a task to navigate around the city if one depends on public transport to do so.

Airport Run

If one visits Delhi one needs a definite plan in place to ensure on-time pick up and drop from and to the airport. Be it a visit or stay in the city, the travel run from the airport or back to it is something that one needs to finalise, given the increasing population in the city. Traffic snarls are a common sight in Delhi and self-drive car rentals are an efficient solution to counter the challenge.

Providers like Zoomcar have added a welcome twist to airport taxi service by making it possible for travellers to hire self-drive cars which are not only available at the airport, but also stay with the renter for the duration of the stay. Whether one is travelling on business or for pleasure, it is now possible to get behind the wheel of one’s own Delhi airport taxi and explore the city at will.

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