Air pollution is bad for our health. These days even the air inside our home is not fresh. You might not know but indoor air is also very polluted. Therefore, we should try to keep the indoor air fresh & clean. There are many ways but in this post, we’re sharing the 5 best ways to keep the indoor air pollution-free.

5 Best Ways To Keep The Indoor Air Fresh & Clean Ft. Livpure
5 Best Ways To Keep The Indoor Air Fresh & Clean Ft. Livpure |

5 Best Ways To Keep The Indoor Air Fresh & Clean:

1. Indoor plants:

Indoor plants are the best way to keep reduce the indoor air pollution. As we all know, plants intake carbon dioxide and give us fresh oxygen in return, it is best that we keep plants inside our room. There are many indoor plants available. The best ones are Areca Palm, Peace Lily, Money plant, Rubber plant and Lucky Bamboo.

2. Air purifiers:

An air purifier is a great way to clean the impure air and stay healthy. With global warming, there is a rise in the amount of dust, dirt and other airborne particles, which are all so small that we don’t realize when we track them into our homes. The quality of air in your home is important, and purchasing an air purifier can help to improve your breathing. With Livpure’s wide range of air purifiers in India, remove the large particulates such as pollen with a pre-filter and keep away from air-borne diseases.

3. Say no to artificial fresheners:

With artificial fresheners, we mean the ones that are chemically treated. These air fresheners not just make the air impure because of it’s chemical content but is also bad for our health if directly inhaled. Therefore, we advice you to use essential oils & incense sticks for good fragrance.

4. No smoking inside the room:

Indoor smoking is really bad. Try to avoid smoking inside the room. Try going outside the house to smoke or in the balcony, near the window. The smoke makes the air impure 10 times more. Also, smoking is injurious to health.

5. Smart way of lighting:

Did you know that bees wax candles are good air purifiers too? Yes it is! So, you can lit up your room using bees wax candles if you are a candle fan. And if you prefer lamps, then we suggest you to get Salt lamps. Himalayan pink salt lamp is the best one to pick though all salt lamps work like wonders.  The best thing about salt lamps is that it not just improve indoor air when they are turned on, but surprisingly these lamps continue to work even when turned off.


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