Why Is ‘Me’ Time So Important?

Why Is ‘Me Time’ So Important?

In today’s constantly switched-on world, the demand for our attention seems to grow ever stronger each and every day. With our increasingly busy lifestyle and hectic schedules, it can be hard to find time to fit everything into a daily routine – and that’s without factoring in time for what you want to do. I believe, ‘Me Time’ is very important.

Why Is me time So Important?
Why Is ‘Me Time’ So Important?

On the surface, life should be split into two sections – work and home life. However, that doesn’t take all the subcategories into account. From daily chores and mundane tasks to the commute and any overtime, work often doesn’t just encompass the standard 9-5. The same can be said of home life. Instead of just relaxing when you get home, there are household chores to complete and family obligations, plus visits to the gym and the need to make time for your friends, partner and pets. When you add all of that up and throw in at least a halfway-decent sleep schedule, it’s no surprise that we are such a harried, stressed generation.

Identifying the Problem

With so little time to spare, it is our health and well-being that takes the biggest hit from this lack of free time and the need to be constantly on the go. As you get older and take on more responsibilities, it is standard practice to gradually lose touch with old friends and stop taking as big an interest in personal hobbies and favourite activities. Put simply, time is of the essence, and as a generation, we are suffering from a major shortage of time.

So now we know that this is an issue, how can we combat it?

The answer is simple: ‘me time’. Setting some dedicated time aside for yourself is the perfect way to relax, unwind and de-stress away from any outstanding obligations and the prying eyes of others.

Of course, with such a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find a spare minute, let alone anything longer. That is why it is important to bookmark a set amount of time for yourself, be it a few hours every week, half an hour in the evenings or a whole weekend away from the world. Once you start to block off and make the most of this time on a regular basis, the benefits will be clear to see.

What are the Benefits of ‘Me Time’?

There are many different benefits that can come as a result of taking some time out for yourself, ranging from short-term boosts to a longer-term improvement to your life.

When you first begin to dedicate some time solely to yourself, it is common to feel as though you are being selfish or overly self-absorbed. However, what many people don’t realise is that taking the time to look after yourself can actually provide a wide range of positive knock-on effects for the people around you, as well. You will be taking time to spend with the people you actually want to spend time with, as well as feeling happier and more relaxed, making for a much better person to be around.

me time
Why Is ‘Me Time’ So Important?

Of course, it is also vital to take time for yourself when it comes to managing stress levels and improving your general wellbeing. Whether it is undergoing a full pamper session or simply enjoying a cup of freshly-brewed coffee, regular ‘me’ time is highly beneficial.

Allowing yourself the freedom to unwind helps both your mind and your body relax which if done regularly, can assist with reducing anxiety and may also help to regulate your sleep pattern. After all, if we don’t allow ourselves a break every now and then, we are putting ourselves at an increased risk of becoming ill. Whether it is mentally or physically, if we don’t slow down, our bodies will do it for us by telling us that something is wrong. Help to keep yourself as healthy as possible by caring for your body, relaxing your mind and being sure to get enough sleep.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the full, but this doesn’t mean that every waking moment ought to be filled with endless tasks and things waiting to be done. If you take the time to look after yourself, the benefits will soon start to be clear to see, resulting in a happier, healthier you. Therefore, always have some ‘me time’ for yourself!

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