Undoubtedly, Goa is a place worth a visit at least once a year. It’s tremendous and has mesmerizing scenic beauty. The charming beaches of Goa attract tourists from all over the world. But before visiting this beautiful city, there are surely few tips to be taken care of, when it comes to the clothes preferred, while holidaying here. Of course no one would object you on what you are wearing, but some things are not recommended.

9 Important Tips To Decide What NOT To Wear In Goa
9 Important Tips To Decide What NOT To Wear In Goa

Given below is our take on what NOT to wear in Goa:

• Do not wear Heels

This one is especially for the females. Wearing Heels in Goa is a strict no-no. Try carrying a pair of plastic slippers here. These will not only relax & soothe your feet, but will also comfort you while walking on the beaches and sand.

• Say no to makeup

Girls, please do not apply makeup while you are in Goa as the humidity here is too high because of the beaches. The heat and sharp rays of the sun will ruin all your face.

• No leather items

Again, since the humidity on the beaches is extremely high, please make sure you do not carry or wear any leather items around. It will not only make you sweaty, but give you an uneasy feel.


• Avoid wearing socks

Wearing socks on the beach should be completely avoided. Give your feet enough space to breathe. Wear comfortable pair of flip-flops and enjoy the sense of freedom.

• Closed shoes, not recommended

It is highly not recommended to wear closed pair of shoes like sneakers or sports shoes etc. Water or sand might go inside your shoes; leaving you feel uncomfortable.

• Sleeves & cuts

Wear only those swim wear, which makes you feel comfortable and which are not badly fitted. During summers, prefer something that covers your arms and legs if you don’t want to get tanned. No need to carry over-coats or sweaters during the months of November, December, January and Feb in Goa.

• Say no to Hair gels and Hair oil

It is no recommended to apply Hair Gels or Hair Oil while in Goa and specially while on the beaches. Strong humidity and sun rays will kill it completely, making you feel extremely uncomfortable.

• Accessorize in limit

Ladies, do not over accessorize. Make sure you go easy with items like earrings or neck-pieces, which are over metallic in nature. Be light, feel light.

Last but not the least, tacky shows clothes are a big no-no. Avoid wearing Saari or Lungi sort of clothes while in Goa. Be comfortable with a pair of shorts, light shirts or T-shirts. Now you know what not to wear in goa, so pack wisely! You have gone there to enjoy. So, be easy and enjoy to the fullest.

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