I am no different than you. At times, even I feel like giving up but then, there is something that stops me from giving up; there is something that helps me keep going. My next book (title, I shall reveal very soon) is all about this only. Holding on to things especially when you are not sure is really hard. It’s like taking a giant leap of faith and decide to wait.

Human spirit is amazing. It can do wonders! Trust me on this. If one fine day you decide to suffer no longer, you will be able to do it. I want to keep the faith alive and keep believing. Life is beautiful. I really don’t know who is reading this and what you are going through. I cannot promise that things will magically start working in your life but you can trust me that everything happens for a good reason. I too believe in the same. At first, you might wonder what’s so good about this or that, but years after… you’ll see and smile and thank God that it happened.


I always HOPE for something every single day. I hope for a good change, love, care, trip, rainfall or even a simple text.

Hope, my friends is something keeps me going and should keep you going too. You never know when universe listens to your deepest desires and grant your wishes. You never know! Maybe tomorrow, tonight or the very next moment you finish reading this article. It’s 2:05 am right now and I am writing this post sitting in my cottage in Nainital. I know don’t know what you are going through, but I can say it’s not that bad.

I just want to say that keep the hope alive. It can actually do wonders. I want you to thrive and not just survive! Remember, this too shall pass and there is always a next time. Always.

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