Don’t Lose Yourself To Love

Don’t Lose Yourself To Love

Falling in love is a great thing and it is a great success to find the best person to fall in love with. But, you cannot lose yourself once you are in love. Remember, you should first fall in love with yourself than with anybody else. If you want someone to love you, first you will have to learn to love yourself.

Don’t Lose Yourself To Love
Don’t Lose Yourself To Love | image:tumblr

Here are some tips to help you out:

Remember your goals:

No matter what, you are born for a purpose. You would have worked hard to reach to a level, do not give up, just because you have found someone in life.

Prioritize friends and family:

Most of us leave our friends and family to give time to our new relationship. But, it isn’t fair. Do not be too much into your new love, such that you forget the old friends and family members.

Give time to your hobbies:

You and your partner might not have anything in common. You might like singing and he might like dancing. You like adventure, whereas he prefers yoga. Love doesn’t bound you from pursuing your hobby. Do not compromise on your hobbies, just because your partner is not into it. Remember, you have a life of your own. Read a book that you wanted to. Go for your regular gym activities.

Spend some Me-time:

You do not have be surrounded by people all the time. You need to talk to yourself sometimes. You need to analyze things that are going on in your life. Sometimes we are too much into others, such that we forget that we do have our own life. Watch the sunrise or sunset. Go for an evening walk.

Most of the times people are so madly in love with each other, such that they forget themselves. If you are making this mistake, do rectify it and be yourself.

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