Love is a beautiful feeling. But often people feel hesitant to say I love you directly. But trust me, there are endless ways to express your love for someone special. So if you are among those, who are not getting a way to express love for the one who is so special to you, then this article is surely going to help you. Expressing love to your special one will make your relationship grow closer.

9 Beautiful Ways To Express Your Love For Someone Special
9 Beautiful Ways To Express Your Love For Someone Special | image: favim

I think you can express your love to your special one in endless ways. All you need to do is do what your love interest loves and make the person feel that you genuinely care for that person.

Here are 9 beautiful ways to express your love for someone special:

1. Cards giving

Market is full of love cards. You can pick any from the shop that has some good and heartwarming text written in it. Also, you can give a handmade card or e-card too.

2. Messaging

Whatsapp, e-mail, smart phone messages are perfect way of expressing your love for someone. Messaging with suitable quotes or photos which will touch the heart is the best way to express love for someone special. Also, these days tagging on memes is a trend. So, you can always tag that someone special in a meme or picture which is romantic.

3. Cooking favourite dishes

Cooking the favourite dishes for your loved one will be perfect to express your love for someone who is special. You can organize a candle-night dinner for your loved one to make them feel loved.

4. Dressing his/her favourite colour

You can make your special person’s heart melt when he/she finds you in the dress of his/her favourite colour. This gesture clearly says that you are so much concerned about the person’s likes and dislikes.

5. Gifting him/her with a special gift

Expressing your love through gifting him/her with a memento or a red rose is always a good idea. It may be a bunch of flower, or a love locket, a wallet or a coffee mug.

6. Asking him/her to spend some time with you

You can message him/her or call him/her to spend some time with you alone or ask to have coffee to speak about how you feel for him/her or to know what is his/her feeling for you. It is always good to chat and discuss the feelings.

7. Wearing tattoo of his/her name

Tattoo wearing in the name of your special someone will make him/her feel instantly of how much you love him/her. This is for the ones who are already committed to someone. Don’t go for this option if you are a one-side lover or crushing on someone.

8. Listening carefully to his/her problems

Expressing your love through taking care of him/her and listening to his/her worries carefully and helping him/her with all kinds of solution will make him/her understand how much you love and care for him/her.

9. Surprising him/her

Surprising him/her with something that they like is always a good idea to express your love. It clearly states that you love them and will do everything that they like and the way they like!

All in all, the idea is to make the person feel special and warm. The best way to express your love for someone is to be with that person in need and genuinely care for that person.

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