12 Surprising Facts about Disney Cruise Line Will Make You Crave For More

12 Surprising Facts about Disney Cruise Line Will Make You Crave For More

Disney is synonymous with happiness. Disney never fails to create a magical experience for it’s lovers. Irrespective of the age, most of the people love Disney characters and that also gives them a reason to love Disney Cruise. Yes, not just the Disneyland but Disney cruise line is another thing that you must add in your bucket-list if you want to experience someone super happy and fun.

12 Surprising Facts about Disney Cruise Line Will Make You Crave For More
12 Surprising Facts about Disney Cruise Line | image: Disney Cruise Blog

Here are 12 facts about the Disney Cruise that will make you pack your bags right now:

  • The Disney ships are known to have four Captains and that makes them the only ship in the world to have this many number of captains.
  • The design of the ship takes the inspiration from Mickey Mouse and so there is a resemblance between the colour theme of Mickey and the Ship.
  • The life boats on the Disney cruise ships are of yellow colour and do not worry, they don’t violate any standards.
  • The staff that works on the ship is really diversified. On an average the total staff represents around 86 countries in the world.
  • The swimming pools on the ship are the heated ones so you don’t have to worry about catching the cold while swimming.
  • The ship also has high density of staff and as per the calculation, there is one staff for every three guests on board.
  • On a seven day cruise, the guests consume about 2700 bottles of champagne and Wine along with 57000 Cups of Coffee and 6000 Kgs of Chicken.
  • One of the amazing fact about Disney cruise is that the Disney movie is projected on the same date as on the theatres on land.
  • The whistle of the ship is a small wonder it whistles the tune of different Disney songs and that amuses the passengers a lot.
  • The Disney ships are eco-friendly and they use the condensed water from air conditioning to for cleaning purposes. This amounts to somewhere around 22.3 gallons of water every year.
  • The capacity of the theatres totals to more than 2200 seats. That is right, they can accommodate a total of 2317 people at one go.
  • Last but not the least, the Disney also has a private island and only the Disney cruise ships have the permission to visit the island.

I have already added this to my bucket list, what about you?

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