5 Tips To Pick Perfect Eyeglasses Frames For Different Occasions
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5 Tips To Pick Perfect Eyeglasses Frames For Different Occasions Ft. Titan Eyeplus

I am a chashmish and I know more of you are! Most of us pick one eyeglass frame and wear it in all occasions it’s for work, casual outing, date or party. I believe if you wear spectacles, you should wear it in boring way. You should pick different eyeglasses frames for different occasions. You should make it your style statement and not just wear it like a burden or an add-on.

5 Tips To Pick Perfect Eyeglasses Frames For Different Occasions
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I have different eyeglasses with me and I make the most of all the designs I have. Here are 9 tips to pick perfect eyeglasses frames for different occasions that will surely help you in turning heads towards you where ever you go and may what be the occasion.

1. Right frame design:

This is important and the basic. Don’t pick a frame that doesn’t suit your face shape. For example, if yours is a round face you can go with a bold and squared-off frame like cat eye, rectangular or retro wingtip styles. For square faces, oval, aviators and round frames look cool.

2. Color:

Never wear neon or pop-coloured frames to work. It doesn’t look good. For work, you can pick dark coloured frames like black, brown or cherry. If you need a stylish frame, you can also go for leopard print frames too.

3. Play with your eye colour:

This one is fun. If you have hazel eyes, green eyes or any other colour eyes, you can go for pop coloured eyeglass frames. For example if you have blue eyes, you can go with tortoise-shell, orange or brown glasses. Light green and pool blue frames look stunning on people with light brown coloured eyes while if you possess green eyes, you can go with red, yellow or purple frames.

4. Specs in Party:

Don’t try to do away with your specs when going out for a party. I’ve seen people who wear specs often ditch their eyewear and opt for lenses when going out to party. It’s not required now. I’d suggest you to wear specs that goes with your outfit OR buy a pair of eyeglasses just for party. It can be a bold red frame, black glittery or animal print frames. For the styles, I’d suggest go for aviators or cat-eye frames as it looks really trendy.

5. Frames by width:

This is another important factor to consider when picking a frame to wear on different occasions. For instance, thick frames like wayfarers look cool in office while thin frame like aviators look good for casual outings & get-togethers. But you can also wear coloured thick frames to party if it’s not just a regular black or brown.

I hope these tips would help you in picking the right frame for yourself. The idea is simple, you need to look stylish when wearing your specs. It is very important that you wear your eyeglasses with confidence whatever the occasion maybe. Take your specs as an accessory that will enhance your personality.

When I have to buy eyeglasses frames for me, I trust Titan EyePlus. You must check it out and I’m sure you’ll find your perfect frame too!

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