How To Love Your Job?

How To Love Your Job?

Job is a necessity. No matter what kind of job it is. And not everyone is lucky to own a family business or start up his/her own company or work for one self. The enthusiasm with which one joins a job seems to be fading away within a couple of months. We feel like we are trapped in a box which doesn’t even has a hole to see the light of the day!! Then what we do? Wondering how to love your job? We start updating statuses on facebook and tweet on twitter about our hate-relationship with our job!

– I want freedom, Missing my life, Need a break, I hate my job, etc.

How To Love Your Job?
How To Love Your Job? | image:tumblr

What else can be done? No No, you don’t have to leave your job and run away… All you need to do is try the below mentioned 9 to 5 motivation tips!! I am sure you will start loving your work place, once you start following the tips that I am going to share below.

Love Your Job!

So, here are the tips which will help you in making you fall in love with your job and your work place:

# Take control over your activities. Try doing at least one fun activity during your office timings, it can be talking to your friend, taking a walk during lunch time, solving your favorite puzzle or harvesting your crops on farmvilla!!

# Talk to your colleagues. Get to know each other well. After all, you spend your whole day with them. Knowing them would strengthen your relationship!!

# Avoid negativity. Being a workplace whiner is bad. Try hanging out with a happy gang. If your team mates are busy bitching, go and have your lunch with another group.

# Listen good music. Always carry your headphones with you. This will help you in taking short breaks from your work

# Do not procrastinate. Tackle your pending to-do list that is bugging your since a long time. Chip out extra 15 minutes and get the work done.

# Be energetic. Move around and take a look at your colleague’s work. Seek for an update or may be a spicy gossip!!

# Carry two chocolates with you. Whenever you feel low, chip in the chocolates 🙂

# Always keep a small plant or some flowers on desk. Keep watering them. They will provide good energy to you all day long!!

Hope this tips would help you in some way…. Keeping up with the positive thoughts is the key to a happiness. Hope you will remember this!!
Take Care!
Much Love!

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