Don't Let The Low Scores & Poor Exam Results Let You Give Up

Don’t Let The Low Scores & Poor Exam Results Let You Give Up

Do you remember that ‘Life Is A Race’ speech by virus in 3 idiots? Well, most of the people think like that only. It’s breaks my heart when I see students who got poor exam results give up (and give up with life). I truly believe that there is always a next time. There is a way to deal with low scores and poor exam results. I am not a perfectionist and I too have got bad marks in exams when I was in school & college. It’s Okay!

Don't Let The Low Scores & Poor Exam Results Let You Give Up
Don’t Let The Poor Exam Results Let You Give Up | image:tumblr

Either it’s your school exam result, or it’s the CAT, MAT or AP EAMCET result, you should never give up if you score low. You should try to focus on the bigger picture. I know it’s easy to say but hard to deal with, but it’s not impossible. Try to analyze what went wrong and what made you lag behind? Never try to think that this is the end.

Talk to someone who has positive approach towards things in life and avoid toxic people. Listen good happy songs.

When you feel like there is no way left, try changing the path and start anew. Let’s talk practical! There are some exams which limits the number of appearance. So suppose you are done with all your 3 attempts for a certain exam and still haven’t qualified, try searching for a new course or line. It might be possible that the course you are trying to get in, is not for you! There are certain things in life that we THINK are good for us but actually they are NOT.

Open your mind for new ideas and directions. Talk to your friends about your interests and explore. Also, stop being harsh on yourself. There is no good in doing bad to yourself. Life doesn’t end with bad scores. You may think that you prepared for a certain exam for an entire year but you failed and you start to feel that you lost ONE ENTIRE YEAR. But wait! Just one year (or 3-4 for that matters) in your entire life span of seventy years isn’t big a deal, is it?

Years after, when you’ll be successful and you’ll be living a good life, this all won’t even matter!

Please don’t give up. Talk if you feel low, talk if you feel like giving up. If you have no one to talk about all this, talk to me! I am active on social channels or you can shoot an email. I won’t judge you. Make sure you talk and spit it out if you feel like giving up.

I wrote this post from the bottom of my heart and I really want you to understand that giving up is not an option. Trust me, in the end when all will be good, it won’t matter!

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