Whether it’s a weather condition, or your trip got extended for an extra day, or you simply reached the airport before time and just can’t find a decent place to stay, whatever may be the reason, sometimes you can get a good sleep at an airport. Of course, anything can happen and trust me; if you not prepared it can be a bad thing. I have been there and done there. Mine was a domestic flight that got delayed for 8 hours in Cochin airport and I had to sleep at the airport. I had my air-pillow and eye masks & a big stole (dupatta) with me so I could manage but trust me, sleeping in airports in not an easy thing to do!

7 Important Tips For Sleeping In Airports
7 Important Tips For Sleeping In Airports | image:favim

But there are a certain things that need to be taken care of if you get an idea that your layover can be a bit longer than usual. In this post, we’re going to share some tips that might come handy if you have to crash at an airport out of nowhere.

1. Be prepared

Always check in before if an airport allows passengers to sleep in. Also be prepared to answer some questions as to the reason behind crashing at the airport. Sometimes you can also be asked if you’re flying out the next day. You can show your tickets & tell them that you don’t have a place to live in that certain city and that’s why you want to kill time inside the airport.

2. Be on time

You might arrive late to discover that all the good spots are taken. Airports can sometimes get very crowded so make sure you arrive a couple hours early if you’re staying there overnight.

3. Security first

While sleeping at the airport can be a cost cutting option, but it also brings with itself the risk of getting robbed. So keep all your stuff at the luggage office overnight. But if that particular airport doesn’t provide that option, you’ll have to come up with another solution. Chaining the bags to a bench is a good alternative.

4. Requirements Kit

If your flight got delayed and you’ve got nowhere to go for a day or two, there’re some things that you should always carry. These things will help you make your stay at the airport a lot comfortable. You should always carry with yourself a pair of sunglasses, some food, water, ear plugs, some magazines or a book, sanitizer, tissues, sleeping bag etc. Also, always carry air pillow without amiss.

5. Dress accordingly

You never know what conditions you’ll have to sleep in, so rather dress for the occasion. Wear layers so you’re comfortable no matter where your spot is. Sleeping bag works best, but a pair of gloves and winter cap will also work, if it gets cold. This is why I always prefer wearing loose pants or trekking pants and over-sized tee.

6. Solo Travellers Heads Up

If you’re travelling alone you’re required to be extra cautious. You’ll have to be very careful about your bags. No matter where you go, never leave your bags unattended. You’ll come back to your bags taken away, if not by the robbers; the bomb squad will seize them.

7. Inquire About Your Flight

There are many airlines like Air Costa that update the flight status many hours prior. Always inquire if your flight is on-time or delayed. Even if it’s delayed for few hours, make sure you reach airport prepared.

I hope this article will help you. If you too have any other ideas or tips on sleeping in airports, then do share via comments section below!

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