Top 9 Highest Paying Jobs And Careers In India

Top 9 Highest Paying Jobs And Careers In India

A good job has different meanings to different people. However the basic criteria for a good job always begin with a great pay followed by job satisfaction and the growth opportunities. If you are one those people who are still figuring out their careers and need some guidance, the following jobs and careers will definitely cater to your needs. In this post, we’re sharing top 9 highest paying jobs and careers in India.

Top 9 Highest Paying Jobs And Careers In India
Top 9 Highest Paying Jobs And Careers In India

1. Investment banking

How many times have we heard about the profession of an investment banker and wondered what all the type is about or simply wondered what it really meant? Well, for starters it totally deserves all the reputation that it has gathered over the years.

In simple words investment bankers are financial advisors to private and government companies where they help their clients in the capital market.

Even though the basic educational requirement is a bachelors degree , many investment bankers opt for a post graduate degree including MBA’s and law degrees to name a few.

Investment bankers can often earn in lakhs depending upon the client they work for.
One can pursue a job of an analyst, an associate or an account manager, a director or a managing director in this field.

2. Merchant navy

Behold, because this career option is going to blow your mind. How many times have we seen bollywood movies and wanted to travel the world and get paid for it and then wake up to the sad reality. Even though this career sounds too good to be true, it not only gives you a great travel opportunity but gives an even greater pay.

For the post of a deck cadet, the candidate needs to have passed the 12th examination with physics, chemistry and math’s as the main subjects. Whereas for the navigational and engineering field jobs, the candidates need to have a bachelors degree in mechanical or marine engineering.

Along with these requirements, the candidates need to clear a screening test and a written test exam. Before joining the navy they need to complete a ship training course.

3. Medical professionals

This profession is one of the steadiest professions in the world. No matter what the economical conditions are, it will probably stay the least affected.

Invasive cardiology, orthopedic surgery, gastroenterology, urology, dermatology, anesthesiology, plastic surgery is some of the highest paying jobs in the profession. The educational requirement varies based on the field of work.

4. Chartered accountant

C.A is probably one of the most celebrated professions in India. The great pay that this profession offers is probably why Indian parents love this profession.

The salary completely depends on the work experiences along with the size of the organization they are working for. The educational requirement is a bachelor’s degree along with 2years of post graduate classes. Also mentored work under a certified C.A can be quite helpful.

5. Indian railways

Indian railways have played a vital role in most of our lives by not only being the most convenient and commonly used mode of transport but also by being easy on the pockets. But the benefits of Indian railways do not end here.

Along with great pay Indian railways provide an array of benefits through its jobs such as dearness and travel allowances, medical care, residential quarters, pensions, job securities, educational facilities and much more.

Educational requirement- you can get into Indian railways through DMRC which provides class 1 officer’s jobs. It also requires a degree in IAS. RRB and RRC provide other grade jobs.

Different job options available in this field vary from high paying technical services like personnel service, traffic service, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers to non technical jobs like commercial deck, junior engineer, maintainer engineer, clerical jobs, etc. The crazy benefits mentioned above truly justify the Indian obsession over ‘government jobs’

6. Aviation professionals

Some of the highest paying jobs in this profession are director of aerospace, program management, airline pilot, co-pilot or flight engineer, aerospace project engineer, air traffic controller, flight attendants, etc.

Educational requirement varies according to the job.

7. Engineering

Engineering has become a religion in India given the opportunities it offers. Petroleum engineering, computer engineering and aerospace engineering are ones with the highest pay package in India. Chemical engineering, materials engineering, nuclear engineering also provides a great pay package.

8. Management professionals

If the corporate world has always been of interest to you, then you can find your dream job in this field. Management professionals can earn a great pay upon the selection of the right specialization from reputed institutions.

Best paying management jobs include chief executives, natural sciences managers, architectural and engineering managers, computers and information’s systems manager, marketing manager, sales manager, financial manager, sales and operations manager, etc. Basic bachelor’s degree is required along with a preferred maters degree depending on the job.

9. Law professionals

Even though this field is very reputed in the society, it’s probably the most underrated profession in terms of the great pay opportunity it can offer.

There are various areas of specialization in this field including civil law, criminal law, corporate law, taxation law, labor law, international law, family law, constitutional law, etc.
One has to prepare for giving a CLAT (common law admission test) in order to get admission into the law schools.

Many reputed institutes conduct their individual entrance exams. Salary depends largely on the field of specialization.

Even though the above mentioned careers and jobs offer great salaries, various factors such as the location of the job, size of the organization, level of responsibility, work experience ,etc influence the salaries of an individual. Also a high pay value might hold different meanings to different individuals largely depending on their necessity.

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