11 Important Steps To Write Your First Book | #AskAnamika

11 Important Steps To Write Your First Book | #AskAnamika

I keep on getting inquiries from aspiring authors where they ask about the important tips on the first book. Though, I really love to share my experience with budding authors, but lack of time and current writing assignments keep me so busy that I am unable to respond. I too feel sad for not being able to help you (just in case you are the one) but trust me, I want to! And therefore, here I am sharing the most important tips on writing your first book! These are simple yet important steps to write your first book.

11 Important Steps To Write Your First Book | #AskAnamika
11 Important Steps To Write Your First Book | #AskAnamika

11 Important Steps To Write Your First Book:

– Read a lot! In order to become a good writer, you need to be a good reader. This helps you learn and grow as a writer

– Don’t take writing for-granted. It is responsibility!

– Think why do you want to write? And jot down the reason and purpose of your writing in a diary.

– Before creating a first draft, create an outline summary. eg: A girl named Tulip wants to become a singer as singing is her passion but can’t, because her family wants her to focus on her studies. Sam helps Tulip in participating a reality show called VoiceMates. (This is VoiceMates’s outline)

– Now that you have the outline, develop the story and NOT the entire novel. Just write down the main points, plot twists in your mind, character sketch etc.

– After this, start with your first chapter. And remember, 1 chapter at a time!

– Revise, revise and revise

– Go at least 3 rounds of editing before you submit to the publisher.

– Never try to copy a style of writer. Create your own!

– Be determined and never make excuses

– Work hard and follow the deadlines. Ask your editor to give feedback. Try to improve according to your editor’s feedback.

– Don’t be disheartened if a publisher rejects your manuscript. Remember, Harry Potter was initially rejected by 12 publishers before it got published! Try again! There is always a next time. 😉

– Focus on quality, rather quantity and time.

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