7 Best Places To Visit In Wayanad + Wayanad Splash 2017 & My Experience

Hola people! I am super excited to write this blog post because it’s about Wayanad. This place is serene, beautiful and peaceful and perfect to escape the chaotic city life. It is a district in God’s own country, Kerala. We landed in Calicut and it takes approx 2.5 hours drive to reach Wayanad from Calicut airport. You also have a choice to land in Kochi airport but Kozhikode or Calicut is a better option. No other state can match the green beauty of Kerala. After coming to South, it has been my favorite tourist spot. I can go to Kerala as many times as possible.

I would really like to thanks Kerala Tourism for making this trip so memorable. Though, I have been to Kerala thrice but this was my first time in Wayanad. I got to experience so many new things like Zip Lining and Bamboo Rafting. Not just this, but the what the trip special was the on-going monsoon festival i.e. Wayanad Splash.

best places to see in wayanad
Enjoying the games

There we saw mudball championship, mud-volleyball tournament and tug of war. It was super fun and I totally enjoyed watching it. Have a look at the pictures below!

best places to see in wayanad
Tug of war in mud
best places to see in wayanad
Mudball live
best places to see in wayanad
Mudball during Wayanad Splash 2017
best places to see in wayanad
That’s mud-vollyball right next to mudball field
best places to see in wayanad
The players
best places to see in wayanad
Wayanad Splash 2017

Special thanks to team MuddyBoots especially Pradeep (the boss), Sooraj & Nidhin, they totally made our trip memorable. I am glad that I not just gained memories but also came back with new set of buddies.

Best places to see in wayanad
Me & the Wayanad gang

In picture from left to right: Nidhin, Ashwin, Ravi Sir, Neha, Bala, Me, Pradeep & Sooraj

We stayed in Vistara Resort and experienced Vythiri Jungle Resort. But for details that, you have to stay tuned for another post.

best places to see in wayanad
Vistara Resort
Let’s take a walk to remember

Here are 7 best places to visit in Wayanad. Here, I am also including the adventure sports that I tried because that’s totally worth!

Pookkode Lake:

You can roam around the lake and explore the thick bushy pathways around the lake or you can try boating in the
lake which is really interesting. They have herbs and spices shops here, therefore you can pick some handmade homemade stuff for yourself. I bought a natural multani mitti face pack for myself and trust me, it’s amazing!

best places to see in wayanad
Selfie Time!
best places to see in wayanad
Pookkode lake
best places to see in wayanad
Pookkode lake

Soochipara Falls:

The falls were located in the valley and you have to descend down for it. It takes approx 0.5-1 hours to trek down. The pathway was fully covered with dense trees and thick and thorny bushes. You can hear the howling and growling of wild animals also after late evening. We spotted some really peculiar worms and insects there. And the waterfall, it was simply breathtaking. This is my most favourite place in Wayanad.

best places to see in wayanad
En route Soochipara waterfall
best places to see in wayanad
The beautiful Soochipara waterfall

Edakkal Caves:

It took us 2 hours to reach the caves. Yes, you have to climb up the mountains and cross small little caves to reach the main area. But you can rely on my words, the view is TOTALLY WORTH the efforts. These caves are really old and are standing still since the stone age. This means you can trace it’s history since 5000 BC. To be more precise, the oldest carving inside the cave may date back to over 8,000 years. That’s totally a must visit place in Wayanad.

best places to see in wayanad
Inside cave
best places to see in wayanad
Notice the raindrops
best places to see in wayanad
Coming up from that black cave
best places to see in wayanad
Inside 8000 years old cave

Vythiri Village:

If you want to experience the best of rural life, you have to visit Vythiri village. People are so humble here and you never know, you might get a chance to interact with tribal people. We were lucky that we did, and they were not at all aggressive (as people usually think), in fact they were well dressed and greeted each one of us with a sweet smile.

best places to see in wayanad
Beautiful Vythiri

The View Point:

I totally love peeking down from high mountains and monuments and if you too, then you’ve gotta stop at the view point to enjoy a surreal view of the western ghats. I consider myself a li’l luckier as the moment we reached this place, it started drizzling making the view even more ‘beautiful’ (read as ‘romantic’).

best places to see in wayanad
The view point

P.S: In fact monsoon is Kerala is totally mesmerizing. I wished for rains and I got it every time I reached a beautiful. Remember last time in Alleppey when I was in my houseboat amidst backwaters and it started raining? Rains make Kerala even more beautiful.


This part of Wayanad is really beautiful. The mist clad mountains and lush green tea estates makes every view a treat for eyes. You can visit a tea- estate, tea factory or simply take a walk on the roads to enjoy nature. It drizzles every now and then, therefore make sure you carry your umbrella with you. Also, (how can I not mention this) you MUST TRY zip lining here. It’s an amazing experience. At first I was a li’l (actually a lot) scared but then it was more than just giving a shot. It makes you feel like a free bird. I loved it!

best places to see in wayanad
Beautiful tea-estates
best places to see in wayanad
That’s me! Just hanging around .. 😛  (It’s Zip lining)


This is a part of Pohzuthana where you can try bamboo rafting. It is a very peaceful experience. Away from the hustle bustle of city, you sail on a bamboo raft on the lazy Vythiri river. I call it the ‘anaconda location’ as it totally resembles the location in the movie. See yourself!

best places to see in wayanad
Bamboo rafting
best places to see in wayanad
The cool poser
best places to see in wayanad
Reminds you of Ananconda movie? It does!

All in all, this was one of the best trips. Also thanks to Bala, Neha, Ashwin & Ravi Sir for being such an awesome company!

Best time to visit: June-Sept

Nearest airport: Kozhikode (Calicut) airport – approx  100 kms away from wayanad

Nearest railway station: Calicut

*Stay tuned, Vlog coming up real soon!

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  1. Very well explained the experience. I hope to land Kerala in my next trip to explore the beauty of God’s own land.

  2. Great information!

  3. wow ! that looks like a great trip ! how about going together next time?

  4. Very useful information & lovely pictures. This place looks heavenly and I wish I could travel there one day!

  5. Keerthivasan says:

    Great but missing Banasura Sagar and muthanga wild Life Sanctuary its one one of big ..

  6. Rakesh Sharma says:

    I love these places . I am planning for same destinations in December mid with my family.

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