It is a great idea to travel alone. You can be yourself and enjoy in your own ways. I often travel solo. So, as an experienced solo traveller, I have few cents to share! There are some little stuff you ought to keep in mind if you are gearing up for a solo trip. Hope this article is going to help you when travelling solo. So, this goes for all the solo female travellers out there!

6 Important Travel Tips For Solo Female Travellers
6 Important Travel Tips For Solo Female Travellers | image:travelstart

Get yourself a decent guide:

Start with shopping for yourself a guide of the place you would possibly be visiting. it’s good do your home work if you’re going to an unknown destination. These guide books sometimes offer you an in-depth information regarding places to go to, accommodation, travel routes and weather details.

Book your bed:

To find yourself accommodation at an unknown destination is risky. thus it is better to book your accommodation before hand, unless you wish to be left stranded.

Word of caution:

Where ever you may be, and regardless of what, a girl continuously attracts attention. And if you’re not from that place, you’ll stand out. If you’re being followed or face any such factor, it’s better to move into a crowded public place or get into a hotel, building or restaurant where you’ll be able to tell the folks regarding your problem which you have faced. It is always helpful!

Talk and smile:

A warm gesture sort of a smile has never done any damage to anyone. once if you are at the place when you have got nobody, you’ll be able to join in with a family and begin a conversation. Such active and spontaneous interactions are always unforgettable. If language acts as a barrier, you can attempt to communicate with signs. Reciprocally you would possibly just get to understand their lexicon.

Handbag ready:

Your handbag will be your best friend and constant companion during your solo trip. Make sure it has everything you need, from keys to govt. ID to maps, portable power banks, mouth fresheners, tissues, touch-up stuff (lip balm etc), cards, cash (although try not to carry too much of cash with you) etc.

Try Food:

Since you have got come on a vacation, you can’t miss an opportunity to taste the native/local cuisine and take a look at out something new. it’s always exciting to eat and drink one thing never tried before. And yes, do not get drunk!

Have happy and safe travel!

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