I JUST LOVE Rainfall and this clears how much I love Monsoon season. I believe monsoon makes everything picturesque. It makes nature, fresh and new. It enhances the greenery and of course, making the view more beautiful. And how can we not talk about the waterfalls that we see from almost all mountains and hills? Oh that joy of getting drenched in a serene secluded place during the monsoon!
I know I am making things more exciting for you, but all this is possible only when you plan to visit a place that is perfect to enjoy the monsoon season.

Here are 7 best places to visit in India to enjoy the monsoon season.

1. GOA:

Goa is always a good idea. What say? Monsoon is Goa is blissful. It makes the old houses, streets, forts, churches and other monuments in Goa even more beautiful. And yes, the playing on a beach at the time of rainfall is something that’ll add four moons to your holiday!

7 Best Places To Visit In India To Enjoy Monsoon Season
Goa, it is!

2. Nainital:

You must be wondering why I always add Nainital to my list. Well, it totally deserves to be.. that’s why! Monsoon is Nainital is magical. Though I won’t advise you to get drenched there, but you can always take a walk with your raincoat on or umbrella at the time of pours to enjoy the beautiful view of mountain, Naini lake and the Mall Road.

7 Best Places To Visit In India To Enjoy Monsoon Season
Nainital, Mall Road- Right after rainfall 🙂

3. Lonavala:

Frankly, I didn’t expect that I’ll be so happy to visit Lonavala during the monsoon but trust me, I am! Driving from Mumbai To Lonavala will help you witness the best monsoon views with natural waterfalls and fresh dewy greenery. It is approx 85 kms from Mumbai which is about 2 hours drive. Karla caves and The Tiger Point are must visits.

7 Best Places To Visit In India To Enjoy Monsoon Season
En route, Lonavala

4. Kodaikanal:

It is known as Princess of Hill Stations and why not? Frankly, I found Kodaikanal more beautiful than Ooty! The enchanting waterfalls, view of western ghats and lush greenery, it makes Kodaikanal an amazing place to visit during the monsoon season.

7 Best Places To Visit In India To Enjoy Monsoon Season
The waterfall 🙂 (Don’t mind the pic quality, that time I had a semi-digital camera)

5. Andaman & Nicobar Islands:

OK! This place is magical! Without any doubt. If you want to enjoy sereneness of nature, beautiful beaches and wish to spend time away from chaotic city life, this is it! Andaman & Nicobar should be next on your list. And trust me, you will love you time here during the monsoon.

7 Best Places To Visit In India To Enjoy Monsoon Season
Focus on the view, not my hands 🙂

6. Munnar:

Monsoon in south India is a blessing. Munnar is already known for it’s lush green tea-estates and mounds, imagine how beautiful it’ll look during the monsoon. I have been there and done that! Take my words, it’ll be the best green landscape you’ll experience.

7 Best Places To Visit In India To Enjoy Monsoon Season
Tea estates here, Tea estates there! Munnar scenes.

7. Alleppey:

If you’ve read my previous post about Alleppey and house boat stay experience, you must be aware that I so badly wished for rainfall during my stay and it heavily poured that day. It was the best experience of monsoon for me, so far. We were in the middle of back waters in our houseboat and suddenly it started pouring heavily. Then our cook made garma-garam pakoras & ginger tea. Ah! That was an unforgettable experience.

7 Best Places To Visit In India To Enjoy Monsoon Season
What can be better than this one? Huh?

Though there are lots of amazing places for you to visit during monsoon season in India like Coorg, Kutch, Spiti, Pondicherry, Vizag, Shillong, Jog Falls etc. but the above listed places are the BEST options according to me and my experience. Hope this article would help you in planning your next monsoon getaway!

Happy Travelling!

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  1. Well, my GOA makes your list, that too at No1 – yayy! Kodaikanal in the rains is awesome too…Munnar, Allepy is a sure tryout, though I think Nainital maybe a tad too far for me-but surely not impossible. Good post.

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