7 Ideas To Make Your Dad feel Special On Father's Day

7 Ideas To Make Your Dad feel Special On Father’s Day

The calendar has now turned to June, and once again our thoughts turn to Father’s Day. We all want to make our dads feel special. Though web space is full of awesome ideas for father’s day that it becomes hard to select the best ideas. Here are some really cool ideas that will surely help you make your dad feel special this father’s day!

7 Ideas To Make Your Dad feel Special On Father's Day
7 Ideas To Make Your Dad feel Special On Father’s Day | image:tumblr

1. Ask li’l kids to paint their dad’s names in their own style and favorite colors on a solid white tie and gift it to the dad. Children who cannot write could draw a small picture.

2. Record favorite memories with your dad and tell him how much he means to you. If possible, burn this on a CD and surprise him on Father’s Day with something special to listen to on his drive to work.

3. Frame a special handwritten note or tribute. The little ones can make a unique handmade card with printed letters or colored pictures. Adult children can go ahead and give their fathers an actual tribute.

4. Go down the memory lane by recreating moments that are close to your heart like going to a special sporting event, amusement park, camping trip, etc. Along with siblings, it’s easy and enjoyable to remember such identical events from different point of views.

5. Give your dad gifts to encourage him in his special hobby or talent. You can wrap up presents that relate to his favorite theme. For eg. Musical instruments if your dad loves to play music.

6. Moms can help the kids plan and prepare a secret picnic for Dad. The kids can seize him for an awesome time. You can plan out an amazing day out for the kids and dad to their favorite hangout spot or some surprise destination.

7. Take some time to write down some specific memories you had with your dad, whom you remember but he may not, in a letter. His reaction will definitely be the best and make sure to record it!

Hope these ideas help you to give your dad one of the best days of his life.

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