Summer is finally upon us, which means we are all trying to get that beach body we know we have hidden in there somewhere. Believe it or not, the summer season is the BEST time for you to lose the weight you want, particularly there is an added motivation to look your best in the summer styles we all know and love.

Your Summer Guide To Foods For Weight Loss: Fruits & Vegetables
Your Summer Guide To Foods For Weight Loss | image:tumblr

So, if you are looking for the best foods for weight loss this summer, don’t look any further than the fruits and vegetables that are readily available in the produce section of your local grocery store! Before you turn to regiments like forskolin extract supplements, check out some of the most popular fruits and veggies that will help you lose the weight you want.

Gotta Love a Good Apple

We all love apples. Not only do they taste delicious (especially when they are fresh), but they also feature a special fiber that assists wholeheartedly with your dietary needs. This special fiber not only accelerates your metabolism, but it ultimately kills off fat within your body. Added to that, it contains more calcium than most other fruits.

Get Yourself Some Soybeans

When it comes to foods for weight loss, you should definitely add in soybeans to your diet. This veggie is a great way to maintain a healthy, balanced diet, as it is very slow to digest when it is absorbed and has a very low amount of calories… aka, it helps control those hunger urges.

You Need Some Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

Your body needs potassium, and bananas are FULL with potassium. This fruit promotes urination and, like the soybean, helps you control those urgent hunger pangs that can destroy any diet you are on.

Celery for the Win

Much like apples, celery is incredibly rich in fiber, which accelerates digestion. In addition to that, celery features a ton of calcium, meaning that eating celery will ultimately strengthen your bones and your muscles. Added to which, celery features potassium, like bananas, which reduces the amount of water that accumulates in your body.

Become a Member of the Cucumber Club

Cucumbers feature water and many essential vitamins that will get your body through the day. Cucumbers also feature something called “tartronic acid”. This special acid prevents the carbohydrates you have consumed from turning into fat. In other words, eating cucumbers increases your ability to lose weight.

You Are Invited to the Pepper Party!

Peppers are great for your bowels, as it promotes essential bowel movements. On top of that, peppers have the ability to boost your metabolism, which is something everyone is looking to do. Be careful with peppers, however. While they are great for helping you lose weight even without exercise, consuming too many peppers can cause uncomfortable stomach and intestinal issues.

There are many foods for weight loss, but none are as easily obtainable and available as fruits and vegetables. If you are looking for that summer body, the first step is eating healthy, and in order to eat healthy, you need to introduce fruits and vegetables into your diet. Once you have successfully worked them into your diet, maybe you will even find the weight loss coming without a second thought!

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