Gagandeep Arora owns one of the most innovative hairdressing studio & academy, located in Shivaji Nagar, Pune. Gagandeep has been in the industry for approximately a decade now. Gagan works with a passion and a mission to not only prove his mettle in the hairdressing and hair care industry but also to make others, interested in this field, gain expertise by gaining fine tuning of their skills and techniques. Gagandeep Arora and his team serve their clients with utmost genuine advice and guarantee cent percent satisfaction with their work.

Last week, we (Team Anamika Mishra) met Gagan and paid a visit to his wonderful studio. What we personally liked upon meeting Gagan is that, he has a way of making you feel really comfortable.As a result, you can clearly express your expectations and apprehensions to the stylists working on your hair. Gagandeep and his team also allow you to ask questions and clear your doubts before doing any sort of cut or treatment on your hair. You can blindly trust them for advanced hair treatment and styling by experts.

Gagandeep Arora Hair Education & Studio, Pune
Gagandeep Arora Hair Education & Studio, Pune

Each one of us has different sort of hair problems.The stylists out here advise you as what type of hair spa treatment would suit your scalp and hair type, the best. Their signature hair spa treatments are very relaxing and a must try for everyone.

Their Salon in Shivaji Nagar, Pune, offers a variety of beauty and wellness services in a classy ambiance with spacious interiors, bright lighting, contemporary interior design, plush furnishing

We had a brief yet interesting conversation with Mr Gagandeep Arora and asked him certain questions that might interest you all. Therefore, sharing the conversation below. This is indeed a #WowStory and we hope you like reading it.

#1. How long have you been in this profession,now?
A. it’s been 9 years I am practicing and learning hairdressing.

Gagandeep Arora Hair Education & Studio, Pune
Gagandeep Arora Hair Education & Studio, Pune

#2 You have procured many certifications with respect to hairdressing. Please name some of them for us.

A. There are mainly 4 cerfitications:

  1. “Beginners hairdressing Diploma” from L’oreal international hairdressing academy, Mumbai
  2. “Train the Trainer” from l’oreal international hairdressing academy, mumbai
  3. “The bob” from Vipul Chudasama
  4. “Creative cuts” from John Guest (Veteran – Vidal Sassoon)

#3 Why do you love your profession?
A. Why Not? I still get goose bumps while performing any of the hair service. Hairdressing is a combination of art and craft. Every day I work on a new canvas which gives me utmost satisfaction.

#4 What is the hottest hair color trend in the industry, right now?
A. Trend right now is of browns and mocha, but young crowd is also opting for funky shades like Blue, purple, green , candy floss pink etc.

#5 What is the one hair care tip you would like to share with our readers?
A. Always apply a leaving cream after shampoo conditioning, it will protect your hair from external aggression and never go out with wet hair.

#6 Which hair care brand do you find the best to work with?
A. “L’Oreal Professionnel”. not only they have quality products targeting individual needs. also they are quite active educating hairdressers.

#7 How often is it recommended for an average person to go for a haircut?
A. Male should get their haircut done every 30 days female should cut their hair every 3months

Gagandeep Arora Hair Education & Studio, Pune
Gagandeep Arora Hair Education & Studio, Pune

#8 Which haircut would you recommend for oval face shapes?
A. Oval shape is considered as the perfect face shape. and people with oval face are blessed as they can experiment with all possible styles.

#9 Men nowadays are very style conscious, too. Which beard styles are the favorite amongst your male clients?
A. Long stubble and BANDHOLZ are quite popular these days.

#10 Your hair styling academy has won so many Laurels. Please tell us about some of them!
A. It is a startup BUT my awards are my students which are making me proud .

#11 You are training so many hair dressers in your academy. What motivates you to keep going?
A. Hair- The word itself is enough to keep me going with utmost dedication everyday.

#12 When you started off, what all struggles you faced in this industry?
A. Initially the struggle was to learn. then to practice and master the skills. again to learn more and practice. we have to keep learning and practicing. The struggle here is endless. but there is a lot happiness in this struggle, as you get thousand new ideas to overcome and move on.
“When nothing goes right, you have to face forward and take it on head first.”

Gagandeep Arora Hair Education & Studio, Pune
Gagandeep Arora Hair Education & Studio, Pune

#13 One advice you want to share with budding hairstylists, in India.
A. Our work is physical which demands us standing almost all day long. would like to request all my friends from the industry to workout at least 20 minutes everyday.

After reading his conversation, you must have got a fair idea of the expertise and constant urge to improvise his skills and services to his clients.So, you must go and try out the services at his salon in Pune to try out latest trends in hair styling, hair treatments, hair colour and beard styles. We ensure, you will end up looking and feeling the best version of yourself.

You may connect with Gagandeep Arora on his official facebook page.

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