Your language can be affective only when you chose your words and express it with emotions. Words without emotions seem to be mechanical and people are not influenced by this. When you want to influence others, you can do that by speaking to them. Words when expressed with emotions make your language more powerful.

Powerful Language: Combination Of Words & Emotions Can Do Magic
Powerful Language: Combination Of Words & Emotions Can Do Magic | image:tumblr

If someone is not listening to you or is not influenced by you, then you might not have used the emotions. Powerful emotions like love, hate, anger, excitement and others should be used while expressing your thoughts through words.

You can just compare pins with words and an iron bar with emotions. If both are tied together and thrown at others, we can see the effect. Similarly, we have to use emotion by comparing it with iron bar. But if we just throw a pin at someone, then it will be less effective. Throw your words powered by iron bar as emotions.

Now the question arises, how powerful should be your emotions? If your emotions are too harsh then it might completely destroy the receiver. The end result is not to kill a person with your conversation but to make it effective. So, a well balanced emotion will be helpful and powerful.

Your communication with little firepower might be ineffective. Hence, the right amount of firepower in your emotion will result in the right move. Better communication can be achieved, after you access your emotions.

You can intensify your communication by using your past experiences. Your past can be considered as the best teacher. The things heard by you, the situation prevailed before you and combined with your thought power will help you in using your experiences.

Right combination of words and emotions can do magic. Try yourself.

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