Interesting Facts About Nainital

9 Interesting Facts About Nainital I’ve Learned So Far

I am a traveller and most of you know it. We (me and my family) often go to Nainital for weekend and if you follow me on my instagram, you must be knowing this already. Nainital is city of lakes which for me a perfect place to escape the chaotic schedule and relax for a bit. I have already shared best places to see in Nainital in one of my previous posts. This time, I am going to share the 9 interesting facts about Nainital I’ve learned so far and that will perfectly want to pack your bags for Nainital right away. So here you go!

Interesting Facts About Nainital
Interesting Facts About Nainital

9 Interesting Facts About Nainital I’ve Learned So Far:

1. Goddess Naina Devi Temple:

It is said that the left eye of Goddess Sati fell at the point where the temple is situated, when Lord Shiva was carrying her corpse as she self-immolated herself because she couldn’t tolerate her husband God Shiva’s insult by her father. This is the reason why lake is called as Naini lake & city, Nainital.

Interesting Facts About Nainital
Naina Devi Temple Old Rare Photo

2. Kilbury Bird Sanctuary:

This is the only bird sanctuary in India where you can spot lots of Laughing Thrushes, Eurasian Jays & Black-Headed Jays.

3. Golf course:

Nainital district has one of the oldest golf courses in India which dates back to 1926 and has 18-holes.

4. 1839:

British sugar merchant named P. Barron discovered Nainital in 1839.

5. Rains almost everyday:

Because the lake on the northern end of the city, it rains almost every afternoon in Nainital.

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6. Naukuchia lake:

Located just about few kms from Nainital city, Naukuchia tal is a lake which has 9 corners. It is said that it is impossible to see all 9 corners of this lake in one go. Try yourself!

7. Jim Corbett’s house:

You all know the famous Jim Corbett national park, right? Well, the man Sir Jim Corbett used to live here and his house is now open to visitors. It is called as Gurney’s house.

8. Nainital observatory:

ARIES aka Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences is one of the biggest and oldest observatories in India.

9. Nainital Zoo:

Nainital zoo is a high altitude zoo where you can spot a snow leopard or a siberian tiger, both are critically endangered species. 


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