Let’s just skip 40 years from today (if you are in your 20s) and imagine how your life will be after retirement. I proudly accept the fact that I am living a very luxurious and a carefree life. I shop a lot whether it’s street shopping or shopping at the mall, I travel like a nomad and I spend my money like water when I am on a holiday with my family. But the thought that how will I manage all of these things and how will I be able to live a purposeful life after retirement is something that makes me think about my current life scenario.

Live A Purposeful Life After Retirement
Live A Purposeful Life After Retirement

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I believe the key to have a purposeful life even after retirement is to PLAN. Right planning is important and the earlier you start planning, the better options you’d have with you.

While the people in government jobs already have lots of retirement options with them, but what about us? We are from corporate, creative field and media. Ours is a business and as we all know, business is full of risks. Today you might earn lakhs while it might be possible that tomorrow you don’t even get a single project in your hand.

Therefore, it becomes difficult for people to maintain their standard of living after retirement making it difficult to live a purposeful life after retirement.

Talking of which, Edelweiss Tokio Life launched Wealth Ultima. It is a new-age ULIP that has 3 plans to choose from. These 3 plans are Systematic Monthly Plan for wealth accumulation, Systematic Transfer Plan for wealth preservation and Systematic Withdrawal Plan for wealth utilization. With this power of three, I believe this is one of the best ULIP plans in India.

But as it is said, the decision lies in your hands. This or any other, but it’s recommended that you start planning for your retirement from today. It is as important as you think about your work, because living a purposeful life even after retirement might sound difficult but with right decisions, mark my words, nothing will difficult or impossible.

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