We are surely proud to have an Indian heading the world’s most powerful company. Yes we are talking about Mr Sundar Pichai who is the current CEO of Google Inc. He is an inspiration to all. Recently he shared a lesson with everyone and he named the fundamental lesson as the Cockroach Theory. Let’s see what he said –

Cockroach Theory By Sundar Pichai
Cockroach Theory By Sundar Pichai | image:forbes.com
  • Once upon a time a there were people dinning at the restaurant. All of a sudden, a cockroach came and sat on a woman’s hand. She got scared and she starting screaming because she was terrified. In no moment, the cockroach flew away and it landed on another woman’s back. The natural reaction of the woman was to scream.
  • This continued for a while and there was chaos everywhere until the cockroach landed on a waiter who was serving in the restaurant. The waiter simply caught the insect and threw him out of the restaurant.
  • So what happened here is that most of the people were unable to handle a small insect and it caused so much of problem. Even most of the restaurant staff failed to address the issue.
  • As per Mr Pichai, the cockroach was not a major problem but the reaction to the problem created all the mess. He also said that this is what we see in stock market as well. A company’s poor performance can cause the whole stock market to crash. This is because we don’t react rationally.
  • Mr Pichai also said that we should give a response in every situation instead of simply reacting to the situation and we should not react impulsively as this could cause a lot of problem to the people around us.
  • As per him, the same can be applied to our daily lives and by learning to handle the situation, we can fill our life with happiness and satisfaction. Reacting impulsively can make us unhappy and unsatisfied.

This was surely a valuable lesson shared by Mr Pichai.

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