Carot or Magic Wand?

Carot or Magic Wand? Ft.

No we are not talking about Gajar 2.0. April Fools’ is officially here and we partnered with Carot, a smart solution for your car safety to bring you this product. It’s time to not be “blind” about your “faith” when it comes to the safety of your car. Gajar 2.0 is clearly not bringing you any luck. But it’s real avatar— Carot will!  Carot wards off evil by saving you from a range of car related problems by simply installing one device.

Introduced by Minda iConnect Pvt. Ltd, part of UNOMINDA Group, the device changes the way you operate and take care of your car. Your car now has the ability to inform you about over speeding, engine issues and so much more just by installing one device.

“Simply insert device into your car’s diagnostic port like you insert a memory stick into your laptop’s USB port! The device has a pre-installed SIM card through which it sends all the data it gets, from car’s engine and its inbuilt sensors, to our server where we analyse the data and provide you with the relevant information,” informs Shruti Yadav, Product Owner at Minda iConnect.

Why is Carot better than any nazar ka totka…

Carot or Magic Wand?
Carot or Magic Wand?

Get alerts about your car’s performance, driver behaviour and everything you can possibly think of.

But there’s more!

Navigation Made Easy:

If you wish to go back to the places explored before…cafes, shorter routes, simply track them on Carot. You can easily navigate from current location to destinations stored in older trips.

Diagnosing Your Car:

The next time your car engine is about to throw up or give you trouble, you’ll know in advance. Which means, you never get stuck in the middle of nowhere with any uncertain issues. Carot tells you how to spot it and gives you insight on the overall health of your car.

For our Travel Enthusiasts:

For travellers, Carot has come up with a concept where you can get a complete trip-by-trip analysis with all the relevant statistics of your previous trips. This helps you in planning better. You know how many stops you took before following a particular route. Also, this is a hit with parents who have drivers dropping their kids to school. You know how many times he stopped on his way back.

Gajar, literally, does work like magic on your car. Don’t let drivers, mechanics and self-proclaimed automobile experts fool. It’s time to be Carot Smart!

This April Fools’ save yourself from becoming one. Get your Carot device today!

Try out Carot’s monthly subscription today!

You can also sign up for an annual subscription. 

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