Anger Management: 5 Ways To Control Your Anger That Works

Anger Management: 5 Ways To Control Your Anger That Work

Anger is a big problem and it is not always easy to manage anger. People can sometimes harm themselves because of their anger and sometimes the anger forces the people to take actions which they regret later on. Here are 5 ways by which you can control your anger in a more efficient way –

Anger Management: 5 Ways To Control Your Anger That Works
Anger Management: 5 Ways To Control Your Anger That Works

Here are 5 ways to control your anger:

  1. One of the ways by which you can deal with your anger is that you can decide not to act impulsively and you can ask yourself if the situation is worth your happiness. Ask yourself if the situation could be handled in a better way.
  2. If in case you think that you really need to vent out your anger then use the right channel to vent out your anger.
  3. Write down on a piece of paper about the situation that is making you angry. Alternatively mention the solution to the problem. This can help you in dealing with the anger in a better way.
  4. Anger has a lot of energy and if that energy is used for some constructive work, the benefits can be exponential. To harness this energy get yourself involved in an activity. For example, go out for a run when you are angry.
  5. Next time when you get angry, try taking a couple of deep breaths. This would help you in releasing stress and at the same time it would help you in calming up yourself.
  6. Another way to deal with the anger is by giving yourself some time. If you feel you are getting angry about something, set your stopwatch timer to 3 minutes and wait for three minutes before coming to a conclusion or before taking any action. This would surely stop you from taking any repulsive action.

Hope the article will help you control your anger. Remember, you lose 60 seconds of smile with every minute spend in anger.

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