11 Useful Travel Tips About Hotels And flights in India

11 Useful Travel Tips About Hotels And flights in India

If you are planning a trip within India anytime soon or have to commute a lot due to business, this article is for you. From booking your flights to dining out… learn these travel tips to save money in hotels and flights.

11 Useful Travel Tips About Hotels And flights in India
11 Useful Travel Tips About Hotels And flights in India | image:tumblr


  • Compare flight for ticket prices and timings and find your best bargain. Very often flights conduct midnight sales and fly day sales. Keep an eye on such stuff if you are a frequent traveler.

Pack light:

  • No marks for guessing this because, there are specific rules that each flight has regarding the weight of cabin luggage and check in luggage allowance. The more you carry, the more you pay. Pre-book your seats, meals and for any special arrangements that you might want on your flight. This might include baby food or an extra baby seat for your little one or any food allergies. Pre-booking ensures, you get everything done conveniently.

Take your food:

  • You can pack your own food to save on the meals money, as long as, it is no liquid involved. If you travel frequently, this might actually save you a small fortune!!

Smart accommodation:

  • If you are planning a long stay, try home accommodations that offer bed and breakfast along at cheap prices as compared to hotels.

Carry along:

  • If you are staying at a good hotel, chances are your room charges already include the breakfast. Pack a snack or two to tame those hunger pangs during the day. In a buffet, nobody minds if you pack something or carry along a tetra pack. Just do not over do it or make it too obvious.


  • Prepare your own tea and coffee at the hotel instead of paying for room service each time. Usually, there are complimentary packets of milk powder and tea pouches. If not, you can purchase them from the supermarket.

Quick food:

  • Ready to eat food like: Oats, cuppa noodles, soups etc just need warm water to be added to them and serve as a great option to tame the cravings.

Life saving hack:

  • Put the dirty laundry in the laundry bag and put the bag in the freezer overnight. This would eliminate bad odour from your clothes and you can pack them to carry home or wear the next morning.

Another awesome hack:

  • Double up the conditioner as a shaving cream or the body lotion as a face lotion or makeup remover. The complimentary shampoo in your hotel room can be used for washing handkerchiefs and smelly socks.

Smart use of hair dryer:

  • The hair dryer can be used to dry socks and undergarments, in case you are not carrying too many of them.

Good use of USB:

  • The TV can be used as an emergency phone charger by plugging in the USB.

To conclude, it is important to do your research before going to any new place. Download travel friendly apps and probably, get some good deals at local restaurants by downloading the relevant apps. Carry enough cash to avoid heavy transaction fees, if you are travelling to India from abroad or vice-versa!

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