Detoxification is eliminating the toxins from the body with help of natural therapies. The detoxification can be psychological as well as medical. Most of the toxins are carried by the liver and this articles will help you in medical as well as psychological detoxification.

The Ultimate One Day Detox Plan
The Ultimate One Day Detox Plan | image:tumblr
  • Start your day with lemon detox water. Use fresh lemons and warm water. This would help is metabolic activities and this will clean your system. After a couple of hours, make a smoothie for yourself. You can meditate for 5 minutes so as to clear your thoughts.
  • Later in the morning, go for a short walk. Do not run or jog. Just take a walk in the park. Avoid carrying your phone. Remember that no running and workout is permitted and keep yourself hydrated.
  • At lunch time, you can have vegetable soup or any soup which is rich in fibre. Accompany the soup with a portion of salad. The salad should not have any saucy toppings or anything that is not natural.
  • Later in the afternoon, you can have a cup of green tea along with a few dry fruits. This will give you some energy and calm your hunger. You can have a fruit as well.
  • On the detox-day, you can take an appointment with the masseur and get a nice massage. Go for a steam bath or sauna if it is available. Steam bath helps in removing toxins at a faster pace and remember that the steam is the best medicine.
  • In dinner, you can have a portion of boiled or steamed vegetables. You can accompany this with a small portion of lentil to get the required dose of protein.
  • End your day with a 10 minutes yoga session. This will calm your mind. Take enough sleep and the detox-day is now over.

You should follow the steps at least once in a month. This will help you in leading a health life.

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